Win streak chests drop no materials for LPs...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dutchie, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    Just done a 35 win streak, got 9 chests and didn’t get a single item of material to upgrade my LPs in these chests... how on earth do we get these materials now? There aren’t any ‘Useful Caskets’ in this current event either... I’m close to maxing my LPs anyway but for players who still need to collect a ton of material... The only time I spend gems are on streaks, but it seems pointless now, certainly when one is trying to get materials.
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  2. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    Just opened a ton of chests in the guild event... the odd material here and there. Seems the amount of materials for LPs that you collect has been drastically reduced. Instead, they seem to be replaced with outfits <sigh>

    When you do get a chest with material in it, you only get 1 material in each slot. We used to get one or more of material in each slot!

    So, it seems that by increasing BP, EP and outfit rewards and reducing to only 1 material for each chest slot, materials for LPs have been sacrificed and now it will be almost impossible for players to max their LPs <ouch>
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  3. ScoopyWP

    ScoopyWP Crew

    Streaking seems a pointless exercise now.
  4. Dog Breath

    Dog Breath First Mate

    Completed a 50 win streak for 11 chests, no materials at all, plenty of grog, gold, BP, EP, some gems and two oufits.
    Was in the hunt for sharks teeth and voodoo masks which don't payout a great deal on the seas.
    Am surprised at the lack of materials everywhere at the moment.
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  5. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Holy hell, what have they done!!
  6. Cap'n Black

    Cap'n Black Powder Monkey

    I'm holding on to my Useful Caskets. They seem to be the most valuable commodity in PP now. Good grief!
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  7. Morgan Ford

    Morgan Ford First Mate

    Apparently this is how they fixed the silo problem. They just stopped giving materials.
  8. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Tis' very true, thank god I have a hoard of useful caskets and other chests in my silo. I haven't had a chance to farm enough grog to train my LP's but when I do I should be set. As for the up and coming player, holy jebus are they screwed.
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  9. McQ

    McQ Captain

    There is apparently better drop rates on Sea battles. So far I do seem to be getting more there. Not a huge sample size to be sure.

    On streaking due to preferring to chat and help with donations I have rarely streaked beyond 5’s for months. As the 5 chest is a gold only one for me the only benefit to streaking is now the troop reduction cost.
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  10. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    Once again, I'd have to believe they added mats elsewhere if they removed them from the streaking chests. Midoki is well aware farming mats is already a struggle, I find it hard to believe they would further restrict mat drops. I don't open streak chests, due to limited silo space. So I have no first hand knowledge of chest streak contents. If indeed they did reduce the mats in chest from streaking, I'd have to believe they will adjust that miscalculation at a later point. Reducing mats gained from streaking would only serve to discourage streaking and the associated gem spending.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Something else is dramaticlly decreased. Gold and grog amounts from our maps and I believe the time is increased before We can collect from that places.
    For example: In eastern sea two are grog spots. W21/20 and C 2-3. Can't check exactly coordinates yet. There were always 50k. 3 times I got every day easily ..., now the W ist 30k and the C 12500. And for sure all other amounts on all maps are decreased. Why?
  12. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Seems to me that the loot from sea battles has increased :rolleyes::)
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  13. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    Damn it all, they finally increase the silo space and then make streaking absolutely worthless. I swear(ed)...
    It's going to take forever and 2 days to upgrade my LP now.
    I used to play for hours at a time streaking. Well, that's done. I'm going to kick a squirrel.
  14. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    These shouldn't have changed with the last update - I'll double check to make sure that they're working correctly.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Thank you Lynsey

    They are ALL much less then before and it's not only me who has noticed that!!!
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  16. Broadside

    Broadside Crew

    I'm not really sure what it is that Midoki really want us to do with the last update - firstly they achieved a bit of a riot (aka increased forum activity), then maybe (those that didn't switch off entirely) a bit of a cooling off. The new chests, the streak chests, etc, this seems stupid. I don't know what Midoki want, but I would have thought that one objective is more streaking. Because more streaking = more gemming = more revenues (and potentially happier, more engaged, customers). So, if Midoki want more streakers, then here's a list of suggestions.

    1. Better chest rewards (at least as good materials as pre-update). Chest rewards are the obvious benefit from streaking.
    2. Allow us to request more guild boat troops during a streak - that'll facilitate longer streaking even if the troops don't turn up for a while
    3. Allow us to fund perks mid streak - perks running out mid streak is a pretty effective way of premature streak termination (as is the fear "did TG just die or did that attack just suck, I'll just go check")
    4. Mid streak chatting - you know, just allow us to sit and watch the time count down while chatting away harmlessly to guildies between raids while pirates get lured into the circus trap
    5. Fix the dropped win from the total win number when you're disconnected (or take a call) during streaks
    6. It'd be nice to be able to switch LP at the end of the first battle as well as other occasions - that "Bugger I've forgotten to switch out romeo" aborted streak.

    Yes, I'm sure more content would help (for a while). But, you know, those players who've enjoyed the game for years and only streak for rumbles and the (very occasional) LP upgrade, well, this list of things could be winners all round: happy base, happy revenues.
  17. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    Your post nailed it!

    Has anyone got a list of the new win streak chests, their contents and at which win streak level they are given out?

    It is the gold only chest at 5 wins and the grog only chest at 10 wins... I have got to 35 wins and I am sure there are better chests at 40, 50... up to a 100 and beyond. It seems they want us to streak further and in the process spend more gems. However, if they implement some of the solutions you suggested, it would be a much bigger incentive to streak further, although I am very disappointed there is not a single chest with materials in it up to 35 wins, which will put a lot of people off streaking.

    Anyway, who has a list of rewards for a 100 win streak or do I need to start a new thread and do it myself as this info will certainly help this gaming community?
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  18. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    I've run my usual 30 wins to get the two good chests and numerous small chests. Every chest I received was worthless. Streaking is dead.

    I've logged on 4 times in the last 24 hours and realized i have NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do. My little old PH9 is maxed except for LP. I don't need gold. I don't need grog. I need those damned materials. I would love a response from midoki that begins with "We felt that giving the players LESS reason to play was beneficial because ..."

    With the exception of Greenbeard, Romeo Suckeo, and the ever broken-AI Annabelle, I was 1-2 levels away from maxing my LP for PH9. Very exciting. Now I face the prospect that I will never reach that goal. The events don't yield enough materials. Sailing is ridiculous. It would take me 40 days of grinding the same blasted targets exploring to get 1 component for a level up, let alone needing two for some levels. Wow. That's just so much fun! Let me do that instead of play Clash of Clans, or even Boom Beach.

    Someone from Midoki please tell me what you want us to do? What in the world do you expect us to spend time on? What did your strategy department sit down and come up with for keeping me on your game? Perhaps if you'll tell me, I might engage in that activity. Cripes.

    ... here's a thought. Random material drops from raiding 3 stars. Just one random. Always give one. Common would be common, rare would be rarer, etc. If I could be assured that I could get at least one material from a 3 star, I would crush every base in the game. I would lay waste to entire oceans.

    Clash of Clans does events. They yield XP and gems, if anything. Could you imagine if Clash of Clans only gave out dark elixir (the sole material needed to upgrade their legendaries) via events? Game would be dead inside 2 days.

    I'll keep monitoring this forum with hope, but I have zero reason to play. Just give me something worth doing. I am so frustrated.
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  19. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Streak Numbers / Streak Chests

    5 - Golden Booty
    10 - Merry Booty
    13 - Explorers Booty
    15 - Swashbucklers Booty
    18 - Modest Spoils
    20 - Modest Warchest
    25 - Marvellous Spoils
    30 - Marvellous Warchest
    35 - Magnificent Spoils
    40 - Magnificent Warchest
    50 - Modest Strongbox
    60 - Marvellous Strongbox
    70 - Magnificent Strongbox
    80+ - Lucky Chest
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  20. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    Thanks Morgan. I'm still trying to understand what all the different names mean. Could you mark which of those drop materials?

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