Why you should not buy $99.99 Gems

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Roserio, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Well, you can keep an eye out for them when looking for people to raid :)
  2. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    I'm gonna raid the **** outta him.
  3. Midleton

    Midleton Crew

    I dare say gemming troop recruitment will become de facto standard for top tier guilds at some point.

    In another game I play, Star Wars Commander, I spent $0. And it's true, you can have a ton of fun without spending a penny (though it is still worth spending gems for extra builders)

    In Samurai Siege, $99 gets you 30K gems (double Plunder Pirates, but the gem cost of speeding troop recruitment is more than double PP, so it evens out), and in a single event, or in a top tier vs. top tier classic war, it's not uncommon to blow through 5K gems per hour for the really hard core folks. I've gone through 3K/hour on a number of occasions, and average around 2K gems/hour in the big "all in" events. (We're just talking recruitment speedups).

    - Totally agree that spending gems to buy gold and grog to start a build or start a training is the least efficient way to spend (I don't do that).
    - Spending gems to finish building time or finish training so you don't have to wait is not good either, but not as inefficient. And yes, I'm guilty of that.
    - Spending gems on war....well...we'll just have to see how the Plunder Pirates community works when it comes to war, but I doubt spenders will blink at gemming troop recruitment if it means gaining the points needed to be a top tier guild.
  4. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    I will buy gems when they are needed for a 5th builder.
    Otherwise, I have patience...it comes with age.

    I'm not judging here. To each his own.

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