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Who actually likes Plunder Time with the win requirement?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Super-Nor, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    The win requirement makes Plunder Time pretty much Thunderstruck without the rain. I have not talked with anyone that finds this change enjoyable.

    Who is in a closed beta test group that suggests features and approves changes? Forget about the NDA - We could all have a friendly chat here or a lynching or something. ;)

    I still want a guild competition that is not gem-to-win rumbles. These group events that last a week are not it.

    Clash has their opt-in guild wars with a limit of three battles. Boom Beach has it's "operations" we can do daily and members can battle when they pop on at their convenience. Why can't pirates have a daily fun activity like these?

    Is anything being worked on? It is like screaming a brick wall to get information around here. How about anyone that has played over 1000 days gets the insider scoop? That would work for man many of us that keep hoping for something better.
  2. Seawitch

    Seawitch First Mate

    I have read nothing that would entice me back to the game. Deleted the app.
  3. I Agree. It was more fun without having to win as you could be more inventive trying to siphon all the gold/grog with thieves etc. this way is frankly dull.

    Not to mention the reward gap between 800k and 1,750,00k ( I won't accept that 2000 EP as a reward). I imagine all but the very large guilds will have a hope of crossing that gap, especially with the Win rule.
  4. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    At the risk of sticking my head above the parapet...

    The old plundertime was never my favourite event, farming resources is a necessary evil for upgrading - attempting to sustain it for long enough to complete the event was just too much like hard work for me.

    Now you can do full 3* attacks, (like in Thunderstruck) & earn reasonable points even for bases with just 400k of each resource.

    I realise for anyone who is the complete opposite of me (who likes farming & isn't interested in full attacks) this is a backwards step... however for ppl like me it is a definite improvement.
  5. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    I like Plunder Time... and our guild will complete it. So a thumbs up from me... apart from the EP prizes... lol
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  6. Broadside

    Broadside Crew

    All my farming is 3star smashing of wealthy targets. I hate thief attacls that take 500k+ grog and disappear without a shield, so am quite happy with that aspect of the game. The plunder time rewards are pretty pointless. Both costumes for me were duplicates (again). No gem rewards. Surely at the very least they could have an algorithm that doesn't generate duplicate costumes?
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  7. Tiger Claw

    Tiger Claw Captain

    In all honesty I like it, but reaching the final few legs of the event truly requires that everyone inside a full guild participate. The only major down side is those EP's being so far placed into the event.

    I myself become quite discouraged at that point and lose the personal motivation of pushing forward since even the 5k BP's are so far ahead.

    Case n point. Raiders has about 40 active players and really had no choice but to kick at least 6 of the final 10 who weren't participating in attacks at all. It's a real drag, because some do participate in perks, but overall we want the majority of players to feel like their efforts aren't in vain and truly appreciated.

    Perhaps @Lynsey [Midoki] can look into this concern as well. All I can guess is that more and more players will leave their Guild and join those that have the greatest success of completing the events in general.

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  8. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    I liked the clever and efficient looting without the win requirement. Now this event is a tedious as Thunderstruck and requires all of one's free time to complete. I am hoping they do not modify Boggs to ruin it (for me) also. I will end up getting about 125k or more for each of my islands to help my guild, but this is the last time I will bother.
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  9. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    We finished the event 12 hours ago. Intra-guild rivalries had a PH7 battling for position with a PH11 (me) on the contributors list for several days, so hats off to Midoki for getting the weighting of points right over the various PH levels. Our top ten featured PH's of varied levels. A PH10 topped us, the 7 came second.
    Every other guild event to now has been impossible to finish because the lower PH's dragged us down. I feel they've finally got it right.
    It could be further improved by making it a shorter period, 4 or 5 days max, as all these events become a grind by the end.
  10. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    For me the solo Plundertime event is downright terrible. I would give up two attacks in seeing how ridiculous it is to complete the event. Now for the Guild event version with the win requirement, I could dig in and get behind my crew mates in making it happen. I liked it but like others have said, if feels a lot like Thunderstruck. Our guild did finish the event 2days in advance, I guess we like to attack and get three stars :D
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
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  11. Capt. Sharky

    Capt. Sharky First Mate

    I was one who complained about the original Plunder Time event - blame me! I didn't hear of anyone who liked the original format. Not in my guild anyway.

    Mindless loss farming is not fun and certainly takes very little skill. Anyone that cared about PR was at a huge disadvantage with the original event, while the farmers already hiding out in the lower ranks were on a 'busman's holiday'.

    I think Midoki did the right thing with the changes to this event, and my entire crew enjoyed it. May not have been anything all that new, but at least it got everyone playing the game as it was intended to be played.

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  12. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The feedback that we've had so far is that people much prefer the new format of Plunder Time. Popularity aside, there were a number of core issues with the original format, a few have which have already been pointed out:

    1) It encouraged no-win 'farming', which penalises skilled players that want get maximum Plunder Points, and to work to an maintain a high rank, whilst benefitting those who deliberately drop rank and drop a bunch of gunners on exposed distilleries and gold mines

    2) It was incompatible with Rumbles, where you ideally want to get as many victories (and therefore Plunder Points) as possible, as opposed to just sending in 10 gunners on bases with exposed resources and hitting surrender - this was decreasing the enjoyment for many guilds

    3) It meant that people were being rewarded for hitting bases for less than 40%, meaning that the victim wouldn't get a shield, so would be repeatedly attacked over short time periods.

    Obviously games of this genre will always have a contingent of players who want to farm, and people are still welcome to do this - they'll get gold and grog cheaply out of it. However, they won't be rewarded with extra treats from Events, Leaderboards, Rumbles, etc - these are reserved for players that want to give themselves a challenge. We are looking at ways of making stuff more accessible and rewarding to these sorts of players across all Pirate Hall levels, however.
  13. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Lyndsey, are you and your team looking into ways of rewarding players that have stuck it out over the years, haven't spent any money on gems and showed their loyalty that way? Cause I see loyalty rewards such as figurines, I don't even have 200 loyalty tokens yet and I've played this game almost three years. Point being, I've truly shown my loyalty to this game without spending my money on gems, I've collected them over time and made impact on guilds and players alike (I don't like tooting my own horn, sorry)
    Sea Patriot
  14. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    @Lynsey [Midoki]

    Thank you for the reply. Even when it does not suit my viewpoint some communication from Midoki is appreciated on this forum.

    We really want to know what is coming next.

    I have two maxed islands and working on LPs now (and aero) as slow as can be because I cannot find a compelling reason to play more.

    I do not like any event that takes so much of my time. It quickly becomes a boring grind and that boring grind lasts too long at seven days. The new PlunderTime and Thunderstruck are both just too much for my mobile game attention span. At least with Boggs' I do not have to pop in the game every time I see a notification flag.

    Rumbles are still no fun for me and many with which I chat - win or lose.

    What's next?
  15. Capt. Sharky

    Capt. Sharky First Mate

    Check your PMs, my old PU mate ;)
  16. Booty isle

    Booty isle Captain

    What kind of reward are you looking for? A pat on the back or a kudos, because I am sure that's doable. Why would they spend money on you when you haven't spent money on them. I would rather see midoki spend their money on content vs free hand outs for players(who have or have not spent money). I don't think midoki can scale a reward that is worth their efforts or money for such a large group of people and have it be meaningful enough for the majority of people they give it to. You are not alone in your loyalty. Many people have been loyal because they have created a great product. This event wasn't special for established players. But it is an important event for newer players to catch up. Which is what all the established players have been wanting for some time now. It's not fun seeing the same base over and over again to attack. We all need new blood. Most guilds need the energy of the newer players. So even tho this event wasn't something I got very excited for, I believe it was a successful event for many players. I think anything that gets the team working together is good. Hopefully midoki will keep it fresh and make new events for us down the road.
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  17. Capt. Sharky

    Capt. Sharky First Mate

    While I agree with what you say @Booty isle there are a few non-paying players that bring many positives to this game. Sea Patriot has indeed played very actively for a long time, all the while communicating with many, many guilds, helping many new players, and generally being a stand-up member of the pirate community. Contributions like that can be priceless!

    But....surely the Henry Boggs event can be classed as a massive thank you to all non-gemming players (as well as us gem junkies) by giving us all a stack of rewards without the need to spend a single gem!

  18. I understand all the above. But there are some dirty pirates that like to pillage peoples loot. Exposed gold stores, why yes I will take that. Nothing like watching a group of thieves steal some ones gold! Why do I have to smash your defenses? I got your gold!

    Perhaps keep the current scoring system but give half points based on loot stolen if there is no Star? Or normal points for loot taken from stores. So clearly, big raids that demolish a base with lots of loot well earn way much more points. But for those of us who like to be pirates and make lots of small raids for easy loot also get a few points. This is a Pirates Game, not a War Lord or conqueror game.

    At any rate, thumbs up! Nice too see this game progressing.
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  19. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    You completely missed my point. I don't need a pat on the back or a good on ya. Point is, I've done a lot for this game and established myself without needing to purchase gems. And thank you @Capt. Sharky you are right on point!
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  20. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    The best thing about Plunder Time is that ALL guild members could equally contribute irrespective of their PH level making it a much more inclusive guild event... and that's a good thing, surely.
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