Where are the materials in Strongbox chest?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Intimidator, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Well... my intention when I started this thread wasn’t to bash @Lynsey [Midoki] or others that work on the game that give us content. I was merely trying to point out we are getting more outfits than materials as of lately. The top end levels for legends have MUCH more rare/legendary materials than what were required before. So I think it’s only fair that chest or sailing targets should probably need a tweak to increase those drop rates at some point. At the current rate I’m acquiring certain materials, we are talking years to max them not a couple months or so. I don’t think it’s reasonable to think people will continue to spend money/time on the game when one of the things that used to be fun has now been taken away. I know some players that don’t even bother sending their ship out anymore because it’s just too much of a chore and the results too low to be bothered with. So I’m reduced to relying on chest to keep upgrading legends, it’s a big let down to keep opening chest that contain mostly outfits. If Strongboxes can’t be fixed to give a reasonable amount of materials, perhaps consider adding more Luxurious Booty chest to events or even streaking to try and even out the playing field?
  2. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Didn’t know where to ask this question and saw this? My island doesn’t appear any bigger either! Although I did peak at some people’s islands that gemmed ph 14 and it does seem bigger. Is the island expansion only available for people that have already upgraded?
  3. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    You'd have to submit an in-game ticket, because all of the upper-level (PH10+) Strongboxes now have an increased chance of getting materials - but I can't see any reason why yours would be different to anyone else's.

    There's a slightly higher chance of getting Outfits in Strongboxes, as there's no pure gameplay path to get them, unlike materials (for example, you can get materials from exploration, for no cost other than the crew that went out). So it may be that you've just been 'unlucky'! I've just re-exported the chest data though, so it might be worth trying another couple of boxes.

    FWIW, I've just opened the following Strongboxes on my live account with the following results:

    Modest Strongbox x4:

    1) 1 outfit, 1 material
    2) 2 materials
    3) 2 outfits
    4) 1 outfit, 1 material

    Marvellous Strongbox x6

    1) 2 materials, 2 outfits
    2) 3 materials, 1 outfit
    3) 4 outfits
    4) 4 outfits
    5) 2 materials, 2 outfits
    6) 2 materials, 2 outfits

    Magnificent Strongbox x4 (oddly consistent, this one)
    1) 4 outfits, 2 materials
    2) 4 outfits, 2 materials
    3) 4 outfits, 2 materials
    4) 4 outfits, 2 materials

    So, a few chests with just outfits or majority outfits, but there are materials to be had. I did actually get a couple of sapphires and emeralds, but I'm sadly still 1 sapphire off being able to upgrade Sadie to level 30. Booooooo!

    Drop rates on exploration journeys is unlikely to change, as they're one size fits all, and not dependent on PH level. Boosting the number of materials here would break the economy at the lower levels.

    The upcoming Thunderstruck Guild event does have its rewards boosted a bit, and that includes more Useful Caskets in the mix.

    The island area gets bigger when you upgrade to Pirate Hall level 14. It's an extra four tiles all the way around.
  4. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Whatever you did must’ve fixed something! Thank you for taking the time to look into it and explain a bit....

    I did go raid the few SB chest I had and they appear to be much more reasonable in contents. :)

    2x Modest SB
    4 tears/ 4 iron
    1 copper/ 1 outfit

    4x Marvellous SB
    1 peridot/ 3 outfits
    4 outfits
    3 outfits/ 5 skulls
    3 outfits/ 4 diamonds

    1x Magnificent SB
    2 outfits/ 3 garnet/ 5 amethyst/ 4 aqua/ 5 rubies.

    Thank you!

    Alas no sapphires or emeralds, but I supposed they’ll pop in there at some point ;)
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  5. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    I just hope we can get more diamonds. I need to find something like 95 of them now. For me at least there're the rarest material now.
  6. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    And thus is the nature of randomness - I keep on getting bombarded with them! :|
  7. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I haven’t had a decent amount of strongboxes to open in one sitting, but it still seems a bit lop-sided on materials vs outfits. Useful chest are abundant and mostly contain common materials in my experience. Luxurious booty only offer one chance (I think) at more rarer materials. Strongboxes are really the only chances to get some rare/lengendary mats in bigger quantity, but still getting tons of outfits instead. Some materials are just plain impossible to gather from sailing. I’m probably extremely unlucky, but if I do get a rarer material it’s usually 1-2 in luxurious booty chest, which doesn’t really knock a dent in the last few levels of legends that require so many. I have useless (I mean useful chest :D) piling up, but can’t really do anything with them because I’m waiting for materials other than common ones to come, but there just aren’t enough of them. Specific materials like emeralds, sapphires, rubies are highly unlikely for me. Others like citrine and diamonds I don’t see too much as well, but I don’t use those legends all that much and not really looking for them or hunting them down. I’m just thinking 6 months - 1 year at the rate I’m going is an unreasonably long time for one ug is all I’m saying.

    I don’t really hear too many players complaining about they cant level up their outfits. Most of the ug to outfits from Strongboxes are for more common ones that I don’t see anyone really using. Most people care only about the gold, platinum, Xmas, Halloween ones with the big buffs. It was mentioned before strongboxes were one of the only avenue to ug outfits, but I think people would be more content with some much needed materials as opposed to ug to outfits they rarely use or don’t use at all.

    Thanks for your time and the newly boosted loot chest! Certainly helping get some stuff done. :)
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  8. pete

    pete Powder Monkey

    The new boost on ressource chest is awesome! and i think more chest need improvement too..like intimidator said, useful casket only have common material and its getting frustrating, magnificent strongbox is better than before with material drop rate increase but outfit reward only have common or rare outfit inside of it( no legendary outfit reward), dapper chest is now called diaper closet :eek: and smashbuckler chest dont have enough bp.
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  9. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I think the BP amounts in the Swashbuckler chests need an overhaul now.
    It says the max amount possible is 14,000, which is meh, decent.
    Just to see, I opened 30 of them on one account, and the most I got in one chest was 1,400.....10% of max. Most were between 800-1000. :oops: ..... 70k (academy) or more is needed for a Single update. Please take a look, thanks.
  10. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Have to agree myself. Most of the time I get 1-2k at best. I have seen more by others, not myself :(, but it’s rare. All thing in the game cost more, however bp always seem to be not raised or not even close to being enough if it were and I just forgot or don’t know about it. All the hundreds of attacks and numerous events in a month or two I’ve completed is only enough to ug one legend...maybe. This is way too tedious and time consuming to try and rack up bp. I’ve just given up on legends basically. If I have bp fine, if not I wait. Still no max legends in my fort since the last two phs which have cleaned me out.
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