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Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Matthias [ Pirates Games], Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys :)
    If you're new in the world of plunder pirates i advise to upgrade all your buildings and troops to max before upgrading the Pirate hall.

    But why?
    If you do so, you will have a much better balance in the game and you will be strong in defense and in attacking.
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  2. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    Also I'm not sure if there's a penalty for Pirate Hall levels in attacking, such as raiding a base with a Pirate Hall -1 lower than yours equals only 90% of available loot and -2 levels is 50% of available loot. If there is then the good part might be attacking villages with a higher Pirate Hall will yield more loot, like +2 levels is 120% of available loot, which is great for resources as long as you don't mind taking a rating drop (Which I don't:)). Available loot I think is 20% of your current total, hard to know for sure without seeing a replay of my village being attacked but I'm assuming it's 20%.

    If there is a penalty then "Rushed" Pirate Halls will give you a harder time in getting your defenses and troops up to level since you have to raid more (Unless you Gem) for resources. Also since your troops aren't up to level you won't be able to survive long enough to plunder all the available loot. Your defense will also be weaker so lower level Pirate Halls will have stronger troops then your defense can handle AND they get a bonus for raiding you which means you will lose more gold and grog.

    All in all it's best to just keep your upgrades steady and when you've almost maxed everything out for your current level then you should upgrade to the next level Hall.
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  3. I don't know neither if there is a penalty. But if there is one you're absolutely right;)
  4. Tim Martel

    Tim Martel Crew

    I'd hope if there was a penalty the game would tell you so and not just do it on the sly.
  5. Just happened to me tonight, I had 273055 total of grog, then I decided to train brute to level 6 since I had enough for it, as soon as I pressed train got the message not enough grog hmmmmm, so I decided to cancel,boy they made me pay like an atm at a house!!! My grog went from 273055 to 137000 or so, so I decided to write Chris about it and also about plundering, many times I started and the regular preview screen comes up but no cigar!!! And get charge on top of that. Last, when I finished writing to Chris, got back to my page and guess what, my freaking grog is down to 22000!!!! Wtf!!!! What do u think guys it's it a hacked page or there's a Robin Hood around? Any takers?

  6. Pirate Fear

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    I'm not sure if I am considered "new", probably, but I just maxed ph3 and going on to 4!
  7. Hi Matthias, not new to the game, new to the forum yes!! I'm at ph5 going to 6, all my pirates well trained and I loot multiple times a day, rank @260 and have a guild with 50 pirates. My point is where or who do I talk to when My gold and grog go missing with no apparent reason!! Have written three messages to Chris and so far no cigar, any idea how long does it take to get an answer, thanks for your time and attention,

  8. normaly you get an answer in a few minutes or sometimes a few houers. I would poste a thread in the bug sub-forum there you should find help.
  9. Thanks Matthias, Chris has already responded and is taken steps to correct any problems.
  10. Gangrene Beard

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    Be advised, this post(and all the others) have been reported for promotion of hacking
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  11. Bear

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    Same. But I stopped after the third one lol.
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    Ha! I did them all! lol
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