What would you want the academy to teach your pirates?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Slim Hawks, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    If there was one skill that you'd like the academy to teach your pirates what would it be?

    Here's one of mine: for the HG's and Sadie to go through holes that have already been made in walls ;)
  2. McQ

    McQ Captain

    WD to stay with the biggest group of pirates not chase a lone gunner to stand next to a jugg in a jugg trap.

    Any pirate to not stand stationary in the flame gates while they slowly burn to death! :rolleyes:
  3. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    I second that, I think my pirates are covert pyromaniacs -- they always seem to head for the flame gates like they can't get enough of the burn!
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  4. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    Apologies I'm really struggling to pick just one... however in reverse order, my favourites would be:

    4. For the gunners to fire over walls.
    3. For the bombers to have Sadie's wall-breaker ability.
    2. For the WD to stay with the group of pirates he is deployed with.
    1. For the GGs to only attack defences - until they are all destroyed.
  5. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    All pirates to use holes in the wall
    WD to stay with the last pirate dropped (or closest pirate when dropped), and if he dies move to the closest one. Seems so simple.
    A bomber that can break a wall, and prefers to do this
    WDs that can stack protection - 2 WDs=double protection
  6. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    Some of these would be great to add on to the skills that a lot of high level pirates have already maxxed at the academy, like the WDs and using holes already in walls -- though perhaps a few might make LPs obsolete? Sadie has the special wall breaking ability amongst others, and Ching attacks all the defenses.
  7. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    Here's another, I'd like to send Sadie to the academy to learn to butt the part of the wall that she's actually shooting at, instead of some random part that isn't blocking where she wants to go....
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  8. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    To convert from their life of Piracy and leed a life of honour and goodness. Donate excess funds to those bases that are struggling and be a responsible sailor.

    Adopt a responsible attitude to Grog, tolerance to neighbors and a good environmental attitude to travel.

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  9. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    :p Our pirates would then start to look like this bunch:
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  10. acersharp1

    acersharp1 First Mate

    How about mentoring some new pirates...these ones have learned as much as they can, even though some clearly overlooked some chapters...lol
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  11. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    We need a Pirate Library perk, when funded/active allows you to decide different AI modes.
  12. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    The Pirate Library would be an awesome addition to the Academy -- maybe a building that you can initiate in the higher PH levels. Sadie/ HGs can read up how to go through holes in walls already there (j/k). Selecting which AI modes to deploy sounds good ... how would that work?
  13. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Each pirate could have two or three different behaviors and you could set them to your liking. Maybe like preferred targets or in the WD's case, which type of pirate to favor and such.
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