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    This forum is dedicated to any general bugs or issues with Plunder Pirates. If you've been happily sailing the seas but run into a problem here's the place to tell us. Create a new thread, tell us what it is, and we can get right on to fixing it for future releases.
  2. Hey all, I am the QA Lead for the project -- the guy you send your Buccaneers after if the game feels broken :)
    Feel free to post any bugs/issues you find and I will follow up on them.

    We have a solid database of know issues, but I'm keen to get end-user feedback on the technical quality of the game -- a fresh set of eyes, if you will.
    When posting on the forums, please consider whether your issue is a suggestion or a bug/defect and try to find the correct forum area -- e.g. balancing/build times/resource issues are not something I have control over.

    I will do my best to keep en eye on what's happening on the forums will let you know if your issue is known or new etc...

    Hope you all find the game functionally up to par and beyond!
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