Una nuova Costruzione: La Casa delle Meraviglie!

Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Dalek98, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Dalek98

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    Thread language: Italian

    Il gioco è molto bello, il tema piratesco è geniale per questo tipo di gioco, ma è altrettanto vero che all'epoca si attrezzavano anche con "macchine precarie in legno per sopraffare i propri avversari, quindi pensavo che sarebbe una buona idea mettere una nuova struttura che dia questi supporti al giocatore!

    Queste macchine verrebbero utilizzate da truppe specifiche e da un numero specifico e una volta utilizzate per il loro scopo queste cederanno al suolo! ovviamente se il 51% delle truppe impiegate dovesse morire durante l'operazione la macchina cederebbe prima del dovuto liberando però i pirati rimanenti!

    La prima macchina è l'ariete, utilizzata da 5 bucanieri.
    Questo ariete abbatterà non solo il muro che abbiamo selezionato ma anche tutte le mura attaccate ad esso!

    La seconda idea è una macchina planante, utilizzata da 2 Predoni dell'aria.
    Questa macchina è composta da una base circolare un palo in legno al centro e una specie di trottola che farà planare direttamente sull'isola nemica, i nostri predoni che non saranno più scaraventati via dal vento!

    La terza idea, mortai e/o catapulta, impiega 3 bruti.
    Il mortaio è munito di due colpi e provocherà un danno in una vasta area e avrà, come centro dell'attacco, una Difesa nemica Casuale.
    La catapulta è munita di 2 colpi e provocherà un danno in un 'area precisa e attacchera una Difesa casuale dell'isola attaccata.

    Ovviamente quando parlo di Difese non intendo ne mura ne trappole!

    Grazie per l'attenzione e spero che questa idea possa essere accolta dal team di sviluppo!

    The game is very nice, the pirate theme is great for this type of game, but it is equally true that at the time they equipped it with "machines precarious wood to overpower their opponents, so I thought that would be a good idea to put a new structure that gives these media player!
    These machines would be used by troops specifications and a specific number and once used for their purpose they will give up on the ground! of course if 51% of the troops involved were to die during the operation the machine cede prematurely releasing though remaining pirates!

    The first machine is a ram, used by 5 buccaneers.
    This ram befall not only the wall that we have selected but also all the walls attached to it!

    The second idea is a planing machine, used by 2 Marauders air.
    This machine consists of a circular base a wooden pole at the center and a kind of top that will make enemy hover directly on the island, our raiders that will no longer be thrown away by the wind!

    The third idea, mortars and / or catapult, employs 3 brutes.
    The mortar has two shots and cause damage over a wide area, and will, as the center of the attack, a Defense Random enemy.
    The catapult is equipped with 2 shots and cause damage in a 'precise area and will attack a random Defense island attacked.

    Of course when I speak of Defenses I do not mean it walls it traps!

    Thanks for your attention and I hope that this idea will be accepted by the development team!

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  2. Bear

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    Hey Dalek. This is an Inglese only forum m

    That being said. I think your idea is interesting. War machines in your battle That are run by pirates is a new idea.

    I've never played an app in this genre that uses this dynamic, so I'm not sure how well it would work. I'd be interested to see this idea better thought out with examples of how a whole attack would go using these machines.
  3. Dalek98

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    yes, I wrote in Italian because my English is not the best.
    A practical example in the battle I should think upwards but I thought these machines to give a plus factor to the game: the catapult / mortar would give a random factor, based on more tough luck; with the planing machine of marauder would give a factor instead of more control, prefixed to the previous factor; while the ram would give one more weapon for an attack!

    Perhaps it would start using the first two mortars / catapults to see that part of the map to attack first and then trigger the ram in case there are walls to defend the attacked previously!
    I would use artillery and later the air raiders to break down more quickly defenses or resources enemy! This is just one example but other people with other ideas might do even better!

    Indeed you are right, I have not seen it myself app with quetsa gameplay and that is why I proposed!
    As said before the game is very nice and fun but this kind of game already exists! so I figured a way to get a unique game and left this! I think it can work because the machines would make a deeper connection and in this way those who are at a level slightly lower can cope better with a bit of luck and a bit of intelligence, a stronger opponent for him.

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  4. Bear

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    I may not be understanding the sky raider idea Because of the language differences. I like the idea of a ram to bust through walls. It would be nice if the ram also caused pirates deployed behind it to follow through where ever it breaks a wall.
  5. Dalek98

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    ok I try to explain better the idea of air raiders : I have attached a picture to make you understand the machine 's on my mind !
    The raiders would use this machine for land vertically directly on the island of the opponent ! I hope you understand now ![​IMG]
    As regards the ram can be done! maybe at the beginning there is only the trunk pointed but then increases level there could be protections for the raiders !

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