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Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by Stagemanager21, May 3, 2015.

  1. Stagemanager21

    Stagemanager21 Powder Monkey

    I have started my own guild and only have a couple members, which is fine. My problem is, when I look at my profile, it says I have 0% of my map explored, when I have 100% done. I also know at some point before I finished the map all my exploration and battle points reset, which then I thought maybe it was supposed to at a certain point, but now, not so much. I went to upgrade my mystic mortar and didn't have have enough BP. I have been working the errands like crazy to get them up again, but wonder what they would have been if they hadn't reset. I have started a game for my hubby, who likes it, but doesn't have tons of time, so I work on it for him and he is about halfway to where I am and he has more BP than I do and he has never attacked anyone! And only of two of the bases on the map are done. Don't know if anything can be done about the points, but I would really appreciate the profile update. Thank you!!
  2. If you want the fastest response I think emailling the support via the in-game function is the best way to go. Then the devs have your player-id and all sorts of info they need.
  3. Stagemanager21

    Stagemanager21 Powder Monkey

    Thanks! Will try that as well!
  4. Captain Hakjka

    Captain Hakjka First Mate

    Try sailing your ship that should set status back to 100% explored for profile.

    BP sounds like a support issue as per @The Fish Eyed Pirate post.
  5. Stagemanager21

    Stagemanager21 Powder Monkey

    I did sail the ship and it now reads that I have 100% of the map cleared, but it says I only sailed once for eight miles. It's better, but not quite where it should be! Thanks for the suggestion! Problem one, solved!
  6. Stagemanager21

    Stagemanager21 Powder Monkey

    I did email support and they are looking into it. Thanks for that tip as well! Never noticed that link before!
  7. Yeah it only records the miles sailed since the update with the profile came out. So the miles sailed is per 1.7.0 for everyone.

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