Troop Skill costs quietly change as you progress

Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by Kelani, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    When you have a "base model" Witch Doctor and tap any of his 11 skills in voodoo hut training, each skill says it adds +30 seconds and +2,500 grog to the hire cost. Today, a guild member noticed that after you buy the first four skills, the cost for all 7 remaining skills suddenly jumps to +60 seconds and 5,000 grog. The same member said this also happens with Gunners and Juggernauts in the Academy. I guess this means all troops do this.

    I really hope this is a bug, and not intentional sneakiness. I think everyone would agree that the actual cost should be shown, so people can make an informed decision about if/when to upgrade that unit. Silently changing the costs in mid-process defeats that.

    Personally, I thought these glorified little Willy Wonka clones were already a bit overpriced, but I was still tempted to work on them. But if that 60s/5k cost is correct, no way am I spending 47,500* grog and 14m30sec for those guys. And the prevailing opinion is those costs probably go up again at some point. An informal guild poll said people wouldn't be surprised if it capped out at 75k/20min.

    * Take those costs with a grain of salt. I was a music major, and have all the math skills of one.
  2. Pirate Bee

    Pirate Bee First Mate

    The WD caps out at 100k grog, enjoy!
  3. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I'll pass that along.
  4. My troops take 58 minutes to get ready, mostly because I use Witch Doctors, Juggs and frank of course.
    Really considering going back to brutes and gunners for time (and cost) sake
  5. Ashraman

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    I just made a post about problems with WD pricing on the General Forum. It's possible to have the final skill, Guardian, and pay only 50k per WD. Or you fully upgrade the WD and pay 100k per, gaining only a tiny bit of toughness. The problem is that the upgrades cannot be rolled back and the massive cost differences are not transparent when initially deciding on skill upgrades.
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