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Tournament Rumbles - now's the time!

Discussion in 'Battle Improvements' started by psechi, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. psechi

    psechi Powder Monkey

    What is the problem? Top rumble guilds gem to victory. Now the risk/reward and fun of rumbling has been diminished greatly for the regular guild. I witnessed my guild go through two months of lacklustre showing. We were ranked too high, yet only have a few dedicated gemmers. Loss after loss, especially when no one cares to even show up, knowing it's not a real fight.

    How to draw us back into the excitement? Simple, unveil the Rumble Tournament!

    A guild can sign up for a preferred time slot, then climb the rumble ladders over the course of a few weeks tournament rumbling in that time slot. Once a tournament ranking is established, set that as a matchmaking factor. The result would be super guilds fighting for the top, and everyone else enjoying the ride. Or split it to a pro league and amateur league to start with, thus separating the heavy gemmers from the casual players.

    As a side note, rumble matchmaking based on rumble performance over time would cure the gemming problem and draw many guilds back to rumbling hard, but... money talks.

    Arrgghhh... just brainstorming for the game I love...
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  2. Alnemer

    Alnemer Crew

    :rolleyes: Nice dream
  3. Earnest69

    Earnest69 Powder Monkey

    How about battle limit rumbles? We have in the past matched with guilds for a 10-fight limit rumble where the aim is to put up 10 fights only. The aim is to achieve 10 3* attacks from a high pr. It takes quite a bit of organising on the captain or qm's behalf but it was really fun and every attack had an extra importance!
    There could be two rumble buttons, one standard, as now and a 10 fight rumble, with matching done among those that select it. Gem rewards could be increased to incentivise participation if needed but the key to winning is high pr, maxed troops and skill, so I don't see this would reduce income for Midoki.
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  4. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    We were planning something just like this, it could work well. Our crew was also suggesting that if there could be some other form of gameplay in addition to rumbles it would make PP more engaging ...
  5. Omar Ceceña

    Omar Ceceña First Mate

    We do quite well rumbling gemming or Non gemming. Feel free to stop by, and rumble with us over at DoA. :)

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