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Discussion in 'General Improvements' started by pete, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Ello, i have been thinking about a new strong event idea that could maybe be fair for both small and big guild that would happen every 3 my idea..

    Score guild event point base the same way like tunderstruck guild event

    Rumble match for all guild in plunder pirate start at the begining of the event( every guild goes on rumble automatically at the begining of the event). There will be a shutdown of 24h before event if a guild want to start a rumble)

    Chest prize would be there same system has other event..BUT prize reward for winning a battle would go above 40 gem 6million the more the guild go far in the tournament..

    Event from monday to sunday( weekend better for hard rumble)

    Small guild would have the same advantage for rumble reward the further they climb the tournament but score guild event would be less so they will have less chest( same way has now)unless they push really really hard to finish the score to have all the chest lol

    Anyway i got more idea for this but its just an idea a wanted to share with you all.. i hope lyndsay will see it if it could work i think this would be a really interesting event for all who love rumble

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