The Uninhibited Pirates Guide to Streaking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ll DarkZero ll, Nov 29, 2015.

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    You can't do it since *more than a month* before you posted.
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    Best not to feed the troll because no one here is exactly sure of what he's trying to say.
  3. I don't know if there is something I'm missing, or it is you guys lol, but what I'm saying is that in the OP's post, he explains a way to do streaks without gemming. This method involves you recruiting pirates after each streak raid (excluding the first raid) and being able to exit the game or let it time out until the troups are hired, letting you recruit for streak raids without being forced to gem the time.

    However I tried this out to find that it does not work. Even if you win a raid and press recruit for the next raid, once you time out or exit the game and come back, your previous score is counted as a loss for the purposes of getting buffs and chests.

    When I looked at the Halloween release notes, I saw that this method was removed so that gemming is the only way to go. I am just requesting that the OP reflects this change in his guide so that others are not mislead like I was.


    EDIT: How is this supposed to be an attempt at trolling??? I am raising a legitimate concern that I feel needs to be addressed for the benefit of others. If you think this is trolling, you must have never seen a troll in action before lol.
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    I refuse to update this because it is false and I have no idea what you're doing. With the current update, all you have to do is Surrender your first match then hit Fight again and the Streak starts. Everything (Except for Chest names which will be updated) is still the same. I know because I just did it. How are you doing this wrong when I showed you pictures? That's why I believe you're trolling.

    I've done the best I can to provide the most basic of instructions to help you and included pictures; If you're still lost and confused then I seriously wonder how you operated a device to pose a question to me.
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    Starting a streak can be done in two ways, as mentioned before by II DarkZero II and others. Just surrender your first battle, which in my opinion is the best way, or win a fight. Sometimes with winning a fight for your first win, it might not count towards your total, but since the update I have not had this problem. Then just continue your streak by getting atleast one star per battle. You have to either use gems or wait with your device online to continue the streak.

    My method of streaking is to drop to pr1 and recruit a cheap group of pirates. My group usually consists of 34 gunners, 6 brutes, and 4 juggs. This cost about 7 gems once the streak is started and 6 gems once you reach 10 wins, which is not that expensive. I usually do streaks while our guild is in a rumble which cost me between 50-75 gems which is less than 1 USD. Mostly I attack exposed PHs with legendary pirates for the win so i don't have to re-recruit any units. Other times I use between 1-9 gunners because they equal out to about 1 gem which in not that must for a win. Once I get going on the streak thats when I start using more troops because of the reduced gem cost.

    I know it can cost gems to streak, but if you do the streaks conservatively, which can take sometime, you will come out ahead in the long run on gems. I still by some chests from the market by the way. Easier to obtain those pesky rubie for ching shih.:)
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    +1 for the cow level!
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  7. The method works just fine. You just have to keep your device active to prevent the conversion of wins to losses. This is explicitly stated in the instructions.
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    I just reread the guide, and Cap'n Greenbeard does have a valid point. The instructions state that you must keep the screen active to start the streak, but it doesn't mention that if you let the game shut down between raids during the streak, that your last win will be counted as a loss. The only time you can let the game log off is after you have just been awarded a chest. That is the only place where your last win will nt-ot be deducted.

    That said, there are 2 issues.
    First, due to a late summer change to the forums, posts cannot be edited after 5 minutes or so, so Zero cannot add a sentence regarding the issue.
    Second, his guide demonstrates how to run streak using only a few gunners, which only require a minute or two to recruit. If you are following his guide, you should be able to easily win 5 battles and get a chest in less than 10 minutes. If you need to close the game at that point, you can do so, then return to the streak and run off another 5 wins,etc. etc.

    If you streak like I do, going for loot and 3 stars on every attack, then you have to be prepared to either watch your screen for 30 minutes between battles, tapping the screen to stay active, or spend some gems to speed up recruiting (the method preferred by Midoki :) )
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  9. Streaking got a nerf in the update in that the number of reward slots has taken a hit. Can't say how much the reward payout has been affected. The only reason to create new types of chests was to allow altering the payout for non-paid chests while keeping the paid ones intact. Plus it helps disguise the changes.

    There used to be 5 levels of chests in streaks. Now there are 4. Admiral chest level is gone. All the remaining levels took a 0.5 slot reduction from what they used to be. 100 streak moved from 89 reward slots to 75.

    Biggest hit might be the loss of the admirals. Bigger chests had bigger average payouts per slot too. (Talking about materials of course)
    • Davy Jones (3.5 slots) -> Bandit (3 slots)
    • Merchant (4.5) -> Freebooter (4)
    • Quartermaster (5.5) -> Corsair (5)
    • Captain (6.5) -> Marauder (6)
    The front end of the streak got a lot weaker in payouts. The first quartermaster equivalent doesn't appear until 30 (captain appears first at 25 though). Used to be you had 2 quartermasters at 30. Discouraging players from doing multiple short streaks I guess instead of long ones.

    On a run to 100, you only get 7 of the lower 2 chests instead of the 10 in the past. Quartermaster level remains the same at 4. 5 marauders (captains) instead of 2 cap & 2 adm. Keeping in mind that the every new chest has less slots than the old ones.

    Current streak rewards
    # in streak chest rank

    5 Bandits Common
    10 Freebooters Uncommon
    13 Bandits Common
    15 Freebooters Uncommon
    18 Bandits Common
    20 Freebooters Uncommon
    25 Marauders Epic
    30 Corsairs Rare
    35 Freebooter Uncommon
    40 Corsairs Rare
    50 Marauders Epic
    60 Corsairs Rare
    70 Marauders Epic
    80 Corsairs Rare
    90 Marauders Epic
    100 Marauders Epic
    125 Corsairs Rare
  10. Ah, I read post #2 bullet point #2 where he says in red font but below that he says you can leave (which you can't anymore)
    P.S. You can safely leave after losing. Since a loss turning into a loss = don't matter.
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    Nice analysis of the hidden changes. Agree that this was done to disguise the changes to drop rate and chest quality.

    I don't get them discouraging shorter streaks though; a 2-gunner streaker can do a streak to 100 and spend either no gems or very few. If I do a streak to 20 making full attacks, which is about as high as I can get before my storages are maxed, I am spending between 125 and 150 gems. Since there is no incentive to even reach 15 wins though for a better chest, longer streaks are less appealing to me at least.
  12. But hey, now there is an epic chest for 25 wins, just 5 more wins! Before patch it took 70 wins instead for a captain chest(epic as well).
    Now legendary chests (admirals chest) on 50 and 100 wins are gone... Not only early wins are weaker...
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    Technically the current tiers of chests are one below what they actually are. They're mislabeled. Epic chests are actually legendary they just have the wrong background.
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    I am experiencing the same Streak results that Cap'n Greenbeard is as well. Up until this latest release I was able to do the following:

    - Win a match
    - Hit the recruit button
    - 'Minimize' Plunder Pirates
    - Come back at some point (10 min or 5hrs) and restart my Streak

    Now when I return to my streak I am not having previously won matches added to the Streaks win count. I don't see why this function would be changed as it doesn't really affect anything.
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    ^ headdesk
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  16. ^are you serious, you can't keep putting your head in the sand like this c00ny. That in my opinion is trolling behaviour. If you look up from your desk, you will see that people with better command over words than me also have expirianced this issue. It is not just me. I am not doing it wrong.

    This is what I want the OP to mention in his thread if possible, because you used to be able to do it, but now you can't, and needs to be updated.

    Not having a go at the OP's thread, I think he did a first class amazing job, he just needs to keep it up to date that's all.
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    Dark Zero,
    I find it hard to believe the criticism you've copped from a few on this thread. Amazing job you've done on it and thankyou.
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    I followed your instructions, and I have had 0 problems hitting 30 and 40 win streaks. I'd go higher, but it gets boring and as I only just hit PH5, I don't have room in my silo for all the goodies - I end up selling a lot of my loot.
    I actually had an EASIER time once I realized that losses do not affect the streak, hence being able to drop PR while streaking to pickup the easy wins and outside PHs.
    Don't judge me, I'm an exClasher that is used to sniping, and it is awesome for being rewarded for doing it in PP......

    EDIT- I did only close the game after each chest win, if even then. I'm on iOs though, a few of my guild mates on Android say they can't close and reopen and still be midstreak......
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    Streaking is quite fun, and easy. There are 3 things that push me to do it.

    The PP: If I streak to 100, I think I score about 10 000 PP in Rumbles. This really helps, don't know why some people choose to streak in off rumble times. Perhaps to dodge all the unnecessary rivals.

    The Chests: The materials and loot that is obtained from chests really helps in upgrading. I have had times where I have been able to upgrade every single LP that I have, just through one good streak. Of course, the materials you obtain from the chest depend on its rarity and, of course, your luck. If you are trying to obtain rare materials only found in chests, I suggest streaking is wiser than actually buying chests. It also helps when you pull gems in chests, as it makes up your cost for streaking. Say if I streaked to 200, and got a few Maurauders Chests. I may be able to pull something like 500 gems. Basically, I just made a profit out of streaking, and also gained some handy resources. There are many advantages to streaking.

    The Standings: Who doesn't like their name at the top of the list?
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    The loot!!! That's why I streak off rumble.

    And you really pull that many gems out of chests?? Most I have managed was maybe 100 or so....

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