The Uninhibited Pirates Guide to Streaking

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    The Uninhibited Pirates Guide to Streaking
    ***All information is current with Version 2.2.1(383)***

    What is Streaking?
    A Streak is a series of consecutive battles, started when you immediately recruit your crew after attacking a Rival Captain’s Island (PvP match) and go straight into the next fight without returning to your island. A Streak ends when you return to your island.

    Purpose of Streaks
    Chest Farming- The biggest benefit to Streaking is that it allows the player to acquire chests at a rather fast rate. Outside of Exploration Map battles, chests are the only way to gather the items necessary to upgrade your stock of Legendary Pirates. Chest Farming entails getting chests in the most efficient way possible. This Guide is based on this principle.

    Rumbles – Streaking while in a rumble is a good way to help increase your score as the Grog, recruit time and Gem reduction allows you to perform cheaper, quicker raids than what would be possible by doing them individually. This bonus however comes at the price of you being unable to refill your Guild Ship troops, so use them wisely.

    Chest Rewards
    After winning a certain number of battles with at least 1 Star you will be rewarded with a Chest. The Chests are color coded according to their rarity.
    Green = Uncommon
    Blue = Rare
    Purple = Epic
    Orange = Legendary

    Above 300 it alternates Captains then Admirals Chest every 50 wins

    Streak (Victory) Bands
    As you increase the amount of wins in your streak you will tier up to different Streak Bands. Each Streak Band brings progressively lower recruiting costs in terms of Grog, time and Gems. Your Victory Band will reset once you leave a Streak, as will the recruitment costs.

    (Gunner recruit time is based on level 33 Gunners)

    Streak Buffs
    As long as you get at least 1 Star on an island you get a new Streak Buff at the start of each battle. Streak Buffs include boosts to particular Pirate types, reduction in ability wait times, bonuses to looted Gold, Grog and extra BP as well as enhancements such as increase damage done to Walls and certain defenses. Each buff also has a number beneath it that shows how many battles it will be active for. The number decreases by 1 after each attack.

    Like Chests, each buff has 5 rarities. The higher the rarity the bigger the increases are.

    Red: common
    Green: uncommon
    Blue: rare
    Purple: epic
    Orange: legendary

    Each unit has a buff available to them that can increase their Toughness or Damage dealt. Every unit that has an ability can also receive a buff to reduce the cool-down time for it. You can click on the buff icon in the Streak Buffs or Streak Summary screen and it will display the name and what it does. The main symbol in the middle of the icon indicates the type of unit that receives the buff and there’s also a smaller symbol that shows what stat is being increased or decreased.

    ***(This section needs verification, I put together the information based on all the posts I could find as well as what I’ve seen)***

    Forceful [Unit Name]
    Increases the Damage done by the unit and the symbol is a spiked circle
    5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

    Tenacious [Unit Name]
    Increases the Toughness of the unit and the symbol is a shield
    5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

    Mystic Witch Doctors
    Witch Doctors have a special buff that increases the effectiveness of its protection bubble. The symbol is the same spiked circle as the other Toughness buffs
    5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100%

    [Unit Name and Ability]’s Booty
    Reduces the time it takes an ability to charge back up after use. The symbol is a circle with ¼ of it filled
    5 / 10 / 20 / 40 / 70%

    Bonuses to Gold, Grog and BP only have the Main symbol
    Grog Gratuity
    Increases the amount of Grog looted after the battle
    5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 75%

    Gold Rush
    Increases the amount of Gold looted after the battle
    5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 75%

    BP Bonanza
    Increases the amount of BP won after the battle
    5 / 10 / 25 / 50 / 75%

    Damage increase to certain defenses have the same name and icon as they do while upgrading units in the Academy
    Cannon Crusher
    Deals increased damage to Cannons
    25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

    Mortar Massacre
    Deals increased damage to Mortars
    25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

    Tower Takedown
    Deals increased damage to Gun Towers
    25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

    Wall Breaker
    Increases the damage done to Walls by every pirate
    25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60%

    A special buff that increases the speed of every pirate and the only one that has 3 rarities. It has the lightning bolt symbol
    5 / 10 / 20%
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    Starting the Streak
    There are 2 ways you can start a streak, the second way is listed after these steps.

    1) Win a PvP battle. You will first be shown the Victory screen. Hit the OK button.


    3) When the training is done you will see the FIGHT button. Click it.


    4) After you hit FIGHT you will see the Streak Started Screen. Click OK.

    5) This is where you will see what Streak Buffs you have and if you earned at least 1 Star on the previous battle you will be given another random buff. You can have up to 5 buffs at one time. Click FIGHT to search for another player’s island.

    The Streak Screen
    After your second battle you will be able to see the Streak Summary Screen.
    Streak- The number of battles you have fought. This includes battles that you have lost.
    Victories- Number of battles where you scored at least 1 Star. This is the number that the Top 200 Streaks Leaderboards is based on.
    Buffs- Shows all the buffs you had active in the previous battle. You can click on the icon and view information for each buff.
    Reward at Victory- Tells you how many Victories you need and what type of Chest you will receive. Note: The color of the background does not necessarily coincide with the rarity of the Chest.
    Stamina- Shows how many more battles you can use your Legendary Pirates
    Legends- You can swap out EXHAUSTED Legendary Pirates with any that you have by clicking this button. You won’t be able to make them RECOVER though until you end your Streak and return to your island.

    Exiting During Recruiting
    After starting your Streak and receiving your first Streak Buff, you can exit the game safely the next time your troops are training. Always make sure you hit the RECRUIT button before exiting. When you open the game you will be asked if you want to continue your Streak. Click FIGHT to resume where you left off or Cancel to go back to your island and end your Streak.

    As of the current version there has been some issues with the game crashing during a Streak. If the game crashes you will be able to continue your Streak however you won’t be able to recruit any of the troops that were deployed before the crash. If you exit the game after a battle but before you click the RECRUIT button you will also be unable to get back the troops you deployed. Only after you have started a Streak and have clicked the RECRUIT button are you safe to exit the game.

    Starting a Streak Instantly
    You can start a Streak instantly by SURRENDERING your first battle without dropping any units. Since you didn’t use any troops there is no recruit wait time so you can immediately click FIGHT again. You will start the Streak and be given a free Streak Buff. As long as you don’t mind taking a loss, this is the best way to start a Streak.

    The Art of the Snipe
    The strategy that most players use for Chest Farming is dropping their Pirate Rank to 1 and searching for exposed Pirate Halls, the further away from defenses the better. (Note: There are some players that VEHEMENTLY oppose intentionally Rank dropping. I am not one of them). The matchmaking is fixed according to your own Pirate Hall level so you will only be matched with those that are 2 levels lower than yours or 3 levels higher. Gone are the days when you could pick on the brand new PH1’s.

    Exposing your Pirate Hall is also a good way to protect your loot when farming as Chest Farmers will most likely just snipe your PH and not attack your village. This gives you a free Shield and you also keep your loot. However, if you have a lot of loot up for grab and an easy village to raid, some players will still go in and try to steal your resources. Usually though a nice Chest Farmer will see you first and give you a Shield.

    The primary objective for Chest Farming is dropping as few units as possible to reduce wait times while getting at least 1 Star, usually from an exposed Pirate Hall. Dropping 1 or 2 Gunners is preferred however it depends on the Gunners level, if they’re lower you may need to drop 3 or more Gunners so you can destroy the Pirate Hall in time.

    Sometimes the Pirate Hall isn’t nicely tucked away in a corner but it’s on the outside of the defenses. This is why most Pirate Hall sniping involves using Gunners, you want to be able to out-range the defenses that are near there. Gunners Range can be Maxed out (5) at Tier 5 in the Academy.

    There are 3 defenses you need to check when you see a Pirate Hall on the outside but near the main part of the village. The first and most important is the Ground Pounder. There are several layouts that make it look like the Pirate Hall is on the outside and an easy snipe however if you look further back in the base you may see the Ground Pounder aimed directly at it. The Pirate Hall is put there as bait because of the high Hit Points and is used to slow down enemy troops while the Ground Pounder fires from afar. At levels 1 and 2 the GP has an attack range of 12-24 tiles. You don’t want to attack it head on, you must utilize attack angles and make sure your units will start attacking the structure from the sides, away from the target zone.

    (The Wall pieces in the pictures are used as references for tile spaces and range)

    Standard example, the Ground Pounder is directly behind the Pirate Hall with a 12 space difference. However, there is also a Mortar behind the PH preventing you from easily attacking from a corner away from the GP’s range so this would not be an easy 2 Gunner drop.


    The level 3 GP can be set to either Short or Long range. The Long Range is the same as level 1 and 2 but the Short range setting is 4-14 tiles. You can check to see what they’re set to before you start a raid by looking at the barrel. On the Short range the barrel is rescinded and the outer flower covering is tucked back. On the Long Range the barrel is protruding and the flower is covering the end.

    Ground Pounder set to Short Range

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you see the GP is set to Short range and more than 6 tiles behind the PH, you can attack head on and stay out of the range.

    The second defense you must look for are Bunkers. They have an 11 tile range and are similar to the GP in that they are likely to be found aiming at the PH from behind or from the sides.
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    What you want to do for an easy 2 Gunner drop is attack at an angle that puts you within range of the Pirate Hall but outside of the target area. As you can see below, there is only a 9 tile distance between the Bunker and the furthest land spot available when dropping on the East side (If you look closely you can see the skeleton of a Gunner I dropped to verify). The 2 Gunners to the South are able to take down the Pirate Hall without being in range of the Bunker.

    Here’s what the target area looked like. As you can see, Gunners were able to out-range the Bunkers view from the side. If the Bunker is more than 3 tiles behind the Pirate Hall and aimed directly at it, you can safely attack towards the front of the Bunker.

    The third and least commonly seen situation is the Mortar next to the Pirate Hall or somewhat close to it.

    The Mortar has a maximum range of 12 tiles all around it and as you can you Gunners will not be able to outrange it if you try to attack from below.


    If the Mortar was placed one more tile backward (And assuming there was more ground to stand on the East side) you could out-range it and take down the Pirate Hall with a 2 Gunner drop.


    Another "defense" you have to look at for is Pirate Hall level 9. There are 4 cannons located on the corners of the building itself and like a level 3 Ground Pounder, they can be set to either Long or Short Range. You can visibly tell before the attack what they’re set to. On Long range setting, the cannons appear up top and there are wooden sleeves at the base of the towers. For sniping PH9’s this is preferred since there is a huge area right next it where you can’t be hit.

    On the Short range setting, the cannons are at the bottom and the wooden sleeves are at the top. This makes it more difficult successfully using a 2 Gunner drop as you have to make sure they attack directly towards the middle of each side to avoid the target areas. If there are other buildings around or before the PH, you must figure out what position to drop your Gunners so they will path safely towards the middle instead of the edges.


    Now you can always deploy more troops and take down the exposed Pirate Hall in the above examples rather easily, I was just giving tips on what to look out for and trying to use only a 2 Gunner drop.

    Streak Leaderboards
    Unlike other Leaderboards in Plunder Pirates, players on the Top 200 Streaks Leaderboard will be removed after being on there for a week, so as soon as you’re on the board make sure to tell you Guild members and everyone else quickly before it disappears. Only your longest streak will be posted so if you do another streak that’s high enough to make the Top 200 but lower than the one you are currently listed for, the lower streak will not stay on the board.

    Shameless Plug: I’m currently #24 on the Top 200 Streaks Leaderboard with 126.

    Review and a Few Extra

    • To start a streak quickly, start a raid then forfeit immediately.
    • You MUST have started a Streak before you can exit the game during the recruitment time and be able to continue your Streak.
    • Having a Guild Ship with all Gunners can give you 10 battles with no recruit time if you drop 1 Gunner on an exposed PH.
    • Blackbeard or Greenbeard, even at reasonably low level, do enough damage to take out a PH in about the same time as 2-3 Gunners. Use them alone to snipe exposed PHs (or even guarded ones - they are tough enough to take Ground Pounder beatings and survive long enough to take down the PH) to increase your streak count with zero wait time at the end of it. Particularly useful for the early stages of the streak before your Grog/Time bonuses are decently high. Other LPs can help but don't do anywhere near enough damage to solo a PH in a decent amount of time.
    • There is no cow level.
    • You only need 1 Star for the battle to be a victory so leaving after that helps keep your Rank low and saves time having to drop again.
    • It’s most common to do Streaks of 20 or 30 then start over. You weigh the time it takes verses what you might get in the extra Chests.
    • Attack at angles that put you in range of your target but outside the range of the defenses whenever possible
    Thank You
    Spongee for Streak Leaderboards reset
    Skye for A LOT of information on everything and being an AWESOME Forum user
    # Johnny Doe # for what Chests are awarded at what point when streaking
    Cooni for information on streak buffs

    All the people who kept asking questions about Streaks which lead me to do this
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    <Space Saved For Any Future Use>
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  6. Zero????? Wow. I don't have time to read all of this tonight, but wow.......
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    Very detailed, going above and beyond.
    Excellent work.
  8. c00ni

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    You should add,
    A Blackbeard or Greenbeard, even at reasonably low level, do enough DPS to take out a PH in about the same time as 2-3 Gunners.
    Use them alone to snipe exposed PHs (or even guarded ones - they are tough enough to take Ground Pounder beatings and survive long enough to take down the PH) to increase your streak count with zero wait time at the end of it.
    Particularly useful for the early stages of the streak before your Grog/Time bonuses are decently high.

    Other LPs can help but don't do anywhere near enough DPS to solo a PH in a decent amount of time.
  9. Skye

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    I made a quick excel sheet to optimize number of gunners deployed for the fastest time (in seconds) to destroy + rehire.

    These are with lv33 gunners, max level pc and bs, for each PH level, at each tier of streak, without the ability or any streak buffs being applied.

    The time presented is the time to destroy the ph with that many gunners + the time to rehire that many gunners. Lower values are obviously better.

    One and four is never the best option. Three will always be better later in your streak - earlier in the streak, 2 is better for PH7. With the ability being included, or a gunner damage streak buff, two may be better in a couple of places earlier in the streak where three are currently better. One and four will never be better.

    In general I'd go with three, because even the couple of perfect instances where two is a couple seconds better, I'd rather just say "three is still good enough" and not think about it. Getting through the fight faster reduces several other connection-based risks as well, which may be worth the extra couple seconds over using two.

    If you care about the formula being used
    its (PirateHallHP/(NumberOfGunners*GunnerDamage*1.5))+(NumberOfGunners*RehireTime), since gunners attack 3 times every 2 seconds (1.5 attacks per second).

    If you want to factor in streak buffs, add that as an additional multiplier to GunnerDamage.

    If you want to factor in ability, you have to do a lot more complicated modeling because the ability only lasts part of the time, and if it takes long enough for the ability to cool down, the ability will kick in again, and that level of accuracy just isn't worth the effort. For a rough estimate, you could multiply it by 1.16 as an average, assuming the ability increases damage by 50% and lasts 10 seconds, with a 30 second cooldown (as it would be active 1/3 of the time at 150% damage, and inactive 2/3 of the time at 100% damage).
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this!
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    Great post, thank you !
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    Added ;)
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    Any LP that does damage to one normal target (not Caesar, Mack or Annabelle) works great for helping destroy the PH. I still deploy 1-2 gunners with the LP, because the faster kill time saves more time than it takes to rehire, but the LP can shave a gunner or two off the attack.

    With Caesar, Mack, Annabelle, or really any LP, even if you aren't using them to destroy the PH, if you fight a PH where the PH is still covered by a couple light defenses, you can use the LP to tank those defenses for a bit usually (Annabelle can out-heal a weaker GT, Caesar and sometimes Mack can buy you a good 20 seconds before defenses start attacking your gunners). For Mack you'll need a store or collectors to be within range of the defense still. But by distracting the defenses for 20 seconds or so, it can help you snipe PH with less gunners, since you don't have to worry about as many dying.

    If you're willing to spend a single gem to rehire on a slightly guarded PH (which will save a bunch of nexting!), use one brute and a couple gunners. The brute can take a couple defenses for a decent amount of time while your gunners finish off the PH. Or you can use ~10 gunners, and try and damage it down before all the gunners get picked off. 100 gems will still get you a 100 streak this way, and you'll be able to fight considerably more bases. Since most of your time is probably going to be spent clicking next, shaving time off there might be worth it even if you aren't gemming.
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    Good GOD ZER0 :eek:

    What an AWESOME post brother. This is truly your best work yet and so many players can benefit from it.

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    One more tip:
    You can place a gunner in Mortar fire (NOT GP) and use Annabelle to heal him till he finishes the PH.
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    Zero, is your "signature under construction" going to be the new Midnight Alliance banner?
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    Zero, this is GREAT information and put together skillfully! I'm sure many streakers will benefit. Some people dislike streaking because of the isolation from your guild since you can't return to your homepage. Anything to help streaks go faster will encourage others to streak. streaking is the fastest way to get the materials I need to train my LPs, especially with the decreased drop rates on the map.
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    Well there you go .. a cheats guide. How do you expect players to stay and build. People spend money and try to level but get hit by the likes of you who drop to level 30 and below but have a fully upgraded ship and base. In any other game you would be banned. It stinks. It's like constantly ganking a player when they Rez. But then you are supported by the game makers. Haven't made a comment on this game at the apps store but will do now warning others off. Little wonder there are abandoned bases.

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