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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Luqman, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Luqman

    Luqman Crew

    The Trap Shop is the place where you get some traps!!
    Once you build this, you'll never be plundered (maybe)!
    After you build this shop, your current mine will be upgraded and you can also make new ones! If you want some suggestion.I got some.

    New Traps
    1. Water Mine.If triggered, it will slow down the enemy troops (I say decrease the speed by 1 for 3 secs), and also get wet for days! Unlocked by building the Trap Shop.

    2. Mini Mines.It has quicker blow up time than the others (I say 3 sec),so it’s good to have this around shores. Unlocked by building the Trap Shop.If upgraded the blast can reach a level 2 Mine!

    3. Fire Mine.If triggered,it will spread fire to your foes (I say 1 damage per 2 sec and lasts for 6 secs.Unlocked by upgrading the Trap Shop to level 2.Also does medium damage.

    4. Wind Mine.If triggered, it will blow and knock your enemies away from your defenses.Unlocked by upgrading the Trap Shop to level 2.If upgraded to max it can knocks the same like a level 3 mortar!Also does small damage.

    5. Underwater Mine.You can place this mine underwater,therefore making it a good head start for you defenses,the only weakness for this is the sky raider will not be harmed,only the ones that doesn’t fly can trigger this. Unlocked by upgrading the Trap Shop to level 3.Perfect when placed near Mini Mines.

    6. The Pit.This trap is one of a kind.Once the foe gets in, they’ll never come back,and they’ll be yours!The downside is this trap is not hidden, so make sure you place it in a good catching spot.Oh I forgot to mention that The Pit has only 5 tavern slots,so it can be full anytime soon,and if it is full,you can’t capture anymore pirates until you collect’em. Unlocked by upgrading the Trap Shop to level 3.(The secret is that the pit’s actually an underground pirate catcher,that’s why the enemy troops wants to work for us).

    7. Gold Trap.If triggered,it will not blast,but it will….give you gold!Well it’s not actually for you,it’s for the foe,and once this things triggered,the enemy will come here and collect all the gold.Therefore this is a perfect trap for distraction.Just keep in mind cause this trap uses extra gold.And make sure you place it where the defenses can shoot,so they’ll take damage too.It’s also good for wasting time,but I prefer to do the first thing.

    Ok.That’s it guys.I’m finished with this thread.Tell me what you guys think,and maybe I’ll add some more.
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  2. Captain Monkey

    Captain Monkey First Mate

    Well thought out. I like.
  3. Luqman

    Luqman Crew

    Thanks :), I appreciate it.
  4. Jolo

    Jolo Crew

    Add a Springboard Trap and Flying Mines for Sky Raiders.

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