The Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards!

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  1. ElFrenetico

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    Hey everyone! I had to go under for a few weeks, so I have some catching up to do. :) Captain Dog has been busily doing the Seadogs awards all this time though, so I'll get them caught up here tonight. First to dig out is the 13th, then will take a break to do today's awards. :)
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  2. ElFrenetico

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    Wednesday, 13 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    Today’s rumble awards are from Cap’n Dog Breath!

    OK, focus, focus…

    Man I’m a mess, going back to bed after this!

    Wow Seadogs! Congratulations on an epic win over the 6th ranked guild! Take a bow everyone, amazing team effort!

    We won by 6,770BP! Very close but did we give up? NO!

    Our final score was 592,441! We are currently ranked 9th as a guild and 8th for rumbles on the global leaderboards. Woo hoo! Tremendous effort everyone.

    Now, with an epic rumble comes a long awards presentation, so get comfortable.

    For scores over 25,000BP we have 8 Blue Anchor awards today.

    Our top scorer and 1st recipient of the Blue Anchor is…

    Aragorn [​IMG] 37,297!

    Other blue anchors: Dog Breath [​IMG] 34,980! 10Atious [​IMG] 32,022! Intimidator [​IMG] 31,723! scoopy [​IMG]30,219! Cocobean [​IMG] 26,638! stv1919 [​IMG] 25,509! Seaclearer [​IMG] 25,433!

    For scores over 10,000BP we have [​IMG] 14 Trophy winners [​IMG]:
    850Arrr 24,114, Smudger 22,016, Carman5912 21,570, Cap’N Black 20,246, Argh the Pirate 20,234, Cr@zy eYe 19,716, Birnie 16,545, Captain Dutchie 16,144, GB 15,503, Firefly 11,730, ElFrenetico 11,579, Govan53 11,353, Nightbeard 11,229, Lotso 10,299

    Great playing mates!

    For scores over 5,000BP we have [​IMG]9 Medal winners:
    Oak Island, Rich, Lady, ShiverMe Timbers, Laaah, Mantor, Undertaker01, Fuzz, SD

    Congratulations to all our award winners today, epic pirating mateys. Very impressive for mid-week, fantastic effort by everyone. Other news of the day…

    Congratulations to Aragorn, reached his highest ever PR in this rumble.

    Congratulations to Stoney Tooth on starting his PH11 upgrade you will be busy Stoney.

    Hope our new Seadogs are settling in, please ask anything you want and one of the Officers will try their best . Don’t forget to check out our website

    OK I’m off to have breakfast and stare into space for a minute or two.

    Have a great day!
  3. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 16 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    It’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards! Today’s rumble awards from Captain Dog Breath.

    Well done Seadogs! A nice and easy rumble win, especially after the previous rumble.

    Our final score of 351,968 was more than the other 4 guilds combined. We are 9th as a guild and 11th for rumbles on the global leaderboards.

    Our top scorer and winner of the Blue Anchor award is:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 28,317!

    Nice job Seaclearer!

    We have 10 Trophy winners today, scores 10K and higher:
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 21,154, Dog Breath [​IMG] 20,774, 850Arrr [​IMG] 16,495, Nightbeard [​IMG] 15,304, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 13,591, Firefly [​IMG] 12,026, Intimidator [​IMG] 11,166, Smudger [​IMG] 10,874, 10Atious [​IMG] 10,771, scoopy [​IMG] 10,027

    Woo hoo mateys!

    …and [​IMG] 18 Medal winners [​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Cocobean, Oak Island, Aragorn, Hooknut, Argh the Pirate, Carman5912, Govan53, Captain Dutchie, ShiverMe Timbers, Lady, Lotso, srpjd97h, Fuzz, Laaah, Jeff Puetz, Stoney Tooth, Rich, stv1919

    Congratulations to all our award winners today!

    Other news of the day… As you may have read, we are not accepting any new crew for the moment. Need to create a bit of wriggle room for our fellow Seadogs at R&R.

    R&R are now rumbling once a week on a Sunday US / UK, no minimums, no required participation, just a battle or two between happy hour at Queen’s coctail bar and hammock bookings in the coconut grove.

    For those of you exploring the North Sea, hope you are having fun, for me the challenge of keeping my sailing crew separate from my battle crew is proving, er, let’s say somewhat challenging. Haha – had it too easy for too long a time.

    Thanks everyone for a great rumble win! See you next rumble.
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  4. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 20 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    It’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards!

    Woo hoo! We flogged the competition with a score of 581,497! Our lead was almost 180,000BP. Impressive pirating Seadogs! We have 31 awards to give out.

    Special mention to Rubi the power monkey from the Japanese guild, the lone scorer in that guild. OK, let’s do this.

    **Our top scorer and winner of the prestigious Golden Anchor for a score of over 50K is: **
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 50,101!

    Wow Cr@zy! So impressive!

    We have 5 Blue Anchor winners today, for scores of 25K and higher:
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 41,935!
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 39,975!
    850Arrr [​IMG] 37,610!
    scoopy [​IMG] 31,547!
    Aragorn [​IMG] 30,861!

    Congratulations mateys.

    We have [​IMG] 11 Trophy winners [​IMG] today, for scores 10K and higher:

    Firefly 23,878, Hooknut 22,387, Argh the Pirate 22,379, Cocobean 21,642, 10Atious21,588, Captain Dutchie 20,409, Cap’N Black 18,546, GB 14,101, Govan53 12,192, Carman5912 11,318, Jeff Puetz 10,161

    Outstanding pirating!

    And we have [​IMG] 15 Medals [​IMG] to be awarded, for scores of 5K and higher:
    stv1919, Green-eyed Lou, Nightbeard, Rock le Jock, Mantor, Intimidator, DevonBoy21, Toserman, Lotso, Lady, Oak Island, Undertaker01, Rich, Stoney Tooth, RedRuby

    Congratulations to all our award winners today! Outstanding scores from every Seadog today, great teamwork Seadogs. Fantastic to see everyone getting into the rumble, amazing effort from everyone and it was mid week as well.

    Other news of the day…

    The Officers announce a promotion, for completing and meeting minimums for 4 rumbles…

    Firefly is promoted to Crew! Congratulations Firefly.

    g5 Great score in the end, know you had a rough start to the rumble, so glad you stuck it out.

    Chev, please say hi when you are on, we aren’t accepting any permanent crew at the moment but you are welcome to stay and rumble with us on Saturday.

    OK Seadogs that’s it from me today, keep those ships sailing, there is 10,000BP on the horizon!

    Have a great day. See you next rumble.
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  5. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 23 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!

    Fantastic effort in the rumble everyone, we might have scored 2nd place but our score of 494,064 is almost double our average and we are now no. 8 on the rumble leaderboard. Outstanding effort by everyone. Again we have a stack of awards today, 30 to be exact.

    Our top scorer and winner of the Golden Anchor is the resident energizer bunny who doesn’t stop…
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 50,234!

    Congratulations Seaclearer!

    We have 5 Blue Anchors today, for scores 25K and higher:
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 42,975!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 32,680!
    Intimidator [​IMG] 26,915!
    Aragorn [​IMG] 25,961!
    Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 25,340!

    Congratulations mateys, nice! Special mention for Jeff Puetz, his 1st Blue Anchor!

    We have [​IMG] 10 Trophy winners [​IMG] today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Firefly 23,276, Cocobean 20,943, 850Arrr 15,520, Captain Dutchie 15,120, Cap’N Black 12,317, Smudger 11,484, Carman5912 11,321, Mantor 10,721, 10Atious 10,575, Lotso 10,454

    Congratulations to our Trophy winners today!

    And we have [​IMG] 14 Medals [​IMG], for scores of 5K and higher:
    Oak Island, Nightbeard, RedRuby, GB, Hooknut, tiffiehumeralis, scoopy, stv1919, Undertaker01, Lady, Rich, Stoney Tooth, DevonBoy21, Pirate Gaz


    Congratulations to all our award winners!

    For the second rumble in a row, we have NO missed minimums! Woo hoo! Thanks everyone, great effort.

    Okey dokey, other news of the day…

    The Officers announce promotions!

    To be promoted to the rank of Crew are:

    Scoopy, Captain Dutchie, Carman, Nightbeard, Lady, Tiffiehumeralis, Keneth, Srpjd97h, Shiver Me Timbers and Cocobean!


    Oh man, that is a bit nerve wracking, those buttons are so small, nightmare for fat fingers, 1 slip and anything can happen LOL!

    Congratulations to Cr@zy, just hit a personal best Pirate Rank of 901! Nice job Cr@zy.

    OK, that’s it from me today, feel like I have been here for an hour!

    Have a great day everyone.

    See you next rumble.
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  6. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 27 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!!!

    Incredible win Seadogs! Truly amazing effort by everyone and it was midweek as well. Astounding win, I didn’t think we would win when we matched, so glad I was proved wrong! Yyyaarrgghh!

    We led from the very start, thank you everyone. Okey dokey, we have a long awards presentation so get comfy. We have 35 awards to be presented!

    Our top scorer and 1st of 4 Gold Anchor awards for scoring 50K and higher is our resident old mutt…
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 65,396!
    Cap’N Black [​IMG] 55,530!
    scoopy [​IMG] 53,425!
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 51,772!

    Amazing scores!

    We have 5 Blue Anchor awards for scores over 25K:
    850Arrr [​IMG] 48,324!
    Cocobean [​IMG] 43,047!
    Intimidator [​IMG] 33,711!
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 32,298!
    Smudger [​IMG]25,712!

    More amazing scores! Well done mateys!

    The [​IMG] 11 Trophies [​IMG] for scoring over 10K go to:
    Govan53 23,327, Firefly 21,678, Hooknut 18,374, Carman5912 18,117, 10Atious 14,825, Argh the Pirate 13,473, Lotso 12,208, GB 12,194, stv1919 11,587, Aragorn 11,341, Oak Island 11,130

    Congratulations mateys!

    And we have [​IMG] 15 Medal winners [​IMG] for scores over 5K:
    Pirate Gaz, Nightbeard, Lady, DevonBoy21, Captain Dutchie, Rich, Rock le Jock, Jeff Puetz, Mantor, Toserman, Fuzz, srpjd97h, Undertaker01, Laaah, Keneth

    Congratulations to all our award winners today! Great job everyone!

    Other news of the day…

    We have a few personal best scores from this rumble… Cocobean, Scoopy and Dog Breath, woo hoo mateys!

    A bit of housekeeping – 2 QM’s will be either on shore leave or on after the start of the next rumble, so to ensure rumble start coverage, we are going to swap a couple of the officers around for Saturday’s rumble.

    OK, that’s enough from me. An amazing effort by everyone, especially for a mid week rumble, incredible! A very happy Seadog here!
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  7. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 30 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs! It’s the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards!

    Hats off to DnD for their win. And mainly down to their machine Mr. Hammerhead, his final score of 274,642, impressive! OK, anyway enough about them! This is about the Seadogs! : )

    Impressive final score for us, way above our average, we scored 80,000 more than our last encounter with DnD. Great job everyone. We are now 9th ranked as a guild and 8th for rumbles! Woo hoo!

    I think Mr. Hammerhead must be going for top spot on the leaderboard. He is still going – his total has risen by about 4,000 since the rumble ended. : )

    We have a Golden Anchor award today, our top scorer is:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 62,296!

    Congratulations, Seaclearer!

    We have 4 Blue Anchor awards today, for scores 25K and higher:
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 37,560!
    Blanquito [​IMG] 34,005!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 33,926!
    Firefly [​IMG] 28,740!

    Congratulations, mateys!

    Get ready, [​IMG] 17 Trophy winners! [​IMG] For scores 10K and higher:
    Intimidator 22,914, Aragorn 21,841, stv1919 19,741, Captain Dutchie 19,663, Jeff Puetz 17,910, Cocobean 17,905, Cap’N Black 17,120, 850Arrr 15,944, Carman5912 14,780, Smudger 14,427, scoopy 14,311, Hooknut 14,210, GB 12,166, Nightbeard 11,528, Lotso 11,330, Mantor 11,010, Govan53 10,926

    Well done mateys!

    And we have [​IMG] 8 Medal winners [​IMG], for scores of 5K and higher:
    ShiverMe Timbers, Tessa Rose, Rich, srpjd97h, ElFrenetico, Green-eyed Lou, Fuzz, Lady

    Fantastic pirating. Congratulations to all our award winners today!

    Okey dokey other news of the day…

    Congratulations Mantor on your personal best for PR!

    Great to see the Seadog spirit alive and well, it became obvious that we weren’t going to win but we all kept going. Fantastic effort by everyone. So great to see so many high scores above our rumble minimums, we never have asked nor will we ask crew to spend gems, but for those who do, we are very appreciative! : )

    A big welcome to Blanquito and Tessa Rose for dropping in for a visit and helping with our rumble!

    OK, Seadogs! That’s it from me. Have a great day.
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  8. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Phew, all caught up! :)
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  9. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Thanks ElFren :thumbsup:
  10. Dog Breath

    Dog Breath First Mate

    Great job Elf !
    Appreciate your time and effort for our guild :D
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  11. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 4 October 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    ElFrenetico here. I missed Captain Dog’s awards in-game and the later chat ate them by the time I remembered, so all I can give you for today’s awards is… the awards!

    We have 3 Blue Anchors for scores 25K and higher:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 26,656!
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 26,054!
    Smudger [​IMG] 25,272!

    Top-notch plundering, anchor winners!

    There are 5 Trophies today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 23,060, 850Arrr [​IMG] 20,006, Firefly [​IMG] 15,273, scoopy [​IMG] 13,163, Carman5912 [​IMG] 11,817

    Great playing mates!

    Finally, we have [​IMG] 23 Medal winners [​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    GB, Cocobean, Cap’N Black, stv1919, Laaah, Oak Island, Lotso, Jeff Puetz, Argh the Pirate, Tessa Rose, Green-eyed Lou, srpjd97h, Aragorn, Intimidator, Rock le Jock, Hooknut, Husar, ElFrenetico, Nightbeard, DevonBoy21, 10Atious, Govan53, Fuzz

    Great playing Seadogs!

    See you next rumble (which is to say, last rumble belated, which is to say, later tonight when I can pry my kids away from Minecraft and get to the computer). :)

    Sheepishly yours,
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  12. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 7 October 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    Today’s rumble awards are from ElFrenetico.

    A great rumble with great solid competition to boot. It’s great to see rival guilds keep up the fight to the end. Hats off to solid performance from our rivals, and hats to the ground for the usual great performance from The Dogs! : )

    Our top scorer today, and our first blue anchor winner, with a score of 41,431…

    Seaclearer [​IMG] 41,431! Amazing playing Sea!

    We have 5 more Blue Anchors for scores 25K and higher:

    Intimidator [​IMG] 41,279!
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 39,503!
    850Arrr [​IMG] 34,922!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 26,777!
    Cap’N Black [​IMG] 26,664!

    Stellar plundering mates!

    We have a very healthy [​IMG] 12 Trophies [​IMG] today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Captain Dutchie 22,605, Nightbeard 20,396, Tessa Rose 16,453, scoopy 15,323, Carman5912 14,453, stv1919 12,780, Jeff Puetz 12,749, Cocobean 12,406, Smudger 11,461, Firefly 11,216, ElFrenetico 11,132, Lotso 11,089

    Excellent playing all around, trophy winners!

    Finally, we have [​IMG] 14 Medal winners [​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Hooknut, Fuzz, Aragorn, 10Atious, Argh the Pirate, Green-eyed Lou, Oak Island, DevonBoy21, srpjd97h, Rock le Jock, Rich, Govan53, Lady, Laaah

    Congratulations medal winners! Extra worm castles & grog all around Seadogs! Congratulations to all of our award winners!


    Special thanks also to our visitors for the event!

    OK, on to other news of the day…

    Welcome again to all of the new Seadogs! It’s great to have a full-to-the-poop-deck ship full of active players! : ) No better time for it than Thunderstruck, too. We’re at about 65% completion for the event. We’re about 62% through the event time-wise. So, we’re slightly ahead of the curve, but it’s a bit close for comfort, because we only have a single frumble between now and the end of the event.

    There’s no pressure for anyone to spend gems, but we also don’t want the top 50% to have to do all of the heavy lifting to make up for some very deflated-looking contributions at the bottom. We just ask that if your contribution is in the bottom few, please take a look and remember the general guideline of 20K or so for PH 10/11 players.

    There are no hard requirements, other than the normal rumble minimums. We just like to see everyone do their part when possible, because we all share in the rewards.

    20K for a PH10/11 is based on 1% of the event goal. Since each of us is 2% of crew, that seemed like a reasonable and modest guideline. Obviously for newer players with lower PH, this is not a reasonable goal, so don’t wory. As long as you’re making an effort, that’s all we can ask.

    As we get closer to the end, we should compare notes and decide whether it’s worth pushing to finish. OK, enough about that! I’m always wordy, so I’m off to rest my weary thumbs. : ) Congrats on a great win, and enjoy the frumble!
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  13. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 14 October 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    Today’s rumble awards are from Cap’n Dog Breath!

    Congratulations Seadogs on our rumble win! : )

    It was the easiest rumble we have had for a long time. Nice way to ease back into things after the event. Even though it was easy, in true Seadog fighting spirit we have a stack of awards today.

    Our top scorer and winner of the Blue Anchor is:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 25,217!

    Great score, Seaclearer!

    Our 9 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 22,655, Captain Dutchie [​IMG] 20,772, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 14,910, 850Arrr [​IMG] 13,871, Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 13,439, Hooknut [​IMG] 11,408, Intimidator [​IMG] 11,365, Blanquito [​IMG] 10,932, Nightbeard [​IMG]10,871

    Great job mateys!

    And [​IMG] 16 Medal [​IMG] winners!
    stv1919, Carman5912, Cr@zy eYe, Firefly, Oak Island, Green-eyed Lou, Toserman, Keneth, 10Atious, Rich, Laaah, Smudger, ElFrenetico, Lotso, Fuzz, Stoney Tooth

    Congratulations to all our award winners today! Not much else to talk about this week, it has been a very sleepy guild after the event, so no news is good news!

    Have a great day, time for another coffee!
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