The Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards!

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  1. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Hi everyone!

    One of the best things about Plunder Pirates for us is the community - not just the community we've made within our guild, but the community of guilds - on the forum, in Slack, Line, and on fan sites. The best thing for me about that is the cooperative spirit of everyone - we're all rivals in the game, but out here we're all playing the game together and helping each other.

    In this spirit, we thought we'd start sharing this little thing we do at the end of each rumble to give a shout-out to our crew. It takes a few minutes, but it's a chance to say hi to everyone and to let the Seadogs their hard play isn't going unnoticed. :)

    We're posting this here, instead of in the recruiting thread, because this isn't an attempt to recruit new crew. It's more a chance to say hi to everyone at the end of our rumbles, give a shout out to our crew, give recognition in the whole PP community, thank our visitors from other guilds, and (we hope) to say hi to our rumble rivals after a good battle.

    We rumble twice a week, and we'll try to come by and add the awards here whenever we can.

    Happy rumbling!
  2. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    So with no further rambling, it's THE SCOTTISH SEADOGS RUMBLE AWARDS for Wednesday, August 2!

    A great rumble everyone, and a big thanks to our friends visiting from DoA!

    Today's awards:

    We have 3 Blue Anchors today, for scores over 25K:
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 29,424! Cocobean [​IMG] 27,929! Seaclearer [​IMG] 26,053!

    Trophies for Scores over 10K:
    Intimidator [​IMG] 21,435, Captain Dutchie [​IMG] 17,318, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 13,876, Carman5912 [​IMG] 12,602, stv1919 [​IMG] 12,346, Smudger [​IMG] 12,197, 10Atious [​IMG] 11,031, 850Arrr [​IMG] 10,193

    and Medals [​IMG] for scores over 5K:
    Nightbeard, Toserman, Oak Island, Govan53, Argh the Pirate, GB, Mantor, Rich, Birnie, Pirate Gaz, PlunderJack, Jeff Puetz

    Great rumbling Seadogs, and thanks to our visitors and the rivals that make it all possible!

    See you next time, and happy rumbling!

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  3. 10Atious

    10Atious Crew

    Thanks Elf for all the little extras you do in our guild that make it a happy and special place for all of us!
  4. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Thanks 10, and that goes for all of our officers who help out including you. :)

    Lately I've been pretty swamped and really haven't had time to keep up. Between that, and several of the officers being on vacation, it has been amazing to see the Seadogs just keep running as smoothly as ever!
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  5. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Thanks Sir ElFrenetico, many thanks to you, our officers, to everyone in our guild and to all who we've rumbled with both visitors and rivals for making this game fun to play!!
  6. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    As always, it was a pleasure playing with you guys... I am sure I will see you all soon again!
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  7. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 5 August Rumble Awards

    Hi Seadogs and plunderers from around the world! It's the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards, Sat June 5 edition!

    A great smooth rumble today for everyone! Today’s Awards:

    For scores 25K and above, the Blue Anchor goes to:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 27,686!

    For scores 10K and above, we have Trophies for:
    850Arrr [​IMG] 17,549, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 15,997, Dog Breath [​IMG] 12,866, Smudger [​IMG] 11,948, Govan53 [​IMG] 11,499

    For scores 5K and above, medals are awarded to:
    Jeff Puetz [​IMG], ElFrenetico [​IMG], Aragorn [​IMG], 10Atious [​IMG], Pirate Gaz [​IMG], Stoney Tooth [​IMG], Argh the Pirate [​IMG], Laaah [​IMG], stv1919 [​IMG], Fuzz [​IMG], Lotso [​IMG], Rich [​IMG]


    Thanks again to our friends from DoA who visited recently, and congratulations to Tim for shedding his monkey powder and becoming crew!

    We have the Boggs sailing event coming up, and will be getting some help from our Seadogs R&R crew and our friends over at Pegleg. Be sure to say hi as you see them join over the next day or two.

    Get those long sails going, and ready to claim after the Boggs start.

    Great rumble Seadogs, and to our rumble rivals, it was an honor to rumble with you! :)
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  8. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    @ElFrenetico I really like this idea, I used to make this sort of thing a part of my guild description. If you don't mind, I'd like to adopt this method as a means of rewarding my players.
    Sea Patriot
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  9. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Absolutely don't mind at all! We thought we'd share it for that reason, because it has worked so well for us and we'd love to know that anyone else finds it helpful too. :)
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  10. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Until now, I've mostly rewarded active players with promos and maxed out pirates other than Gunners.
    Thanks, I'll come up with a plan and roll out a player recognition thread for my guild within the week.
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  11. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 9 August Rumble Awards

    Hi Seadogs!

    A good solid rumble today, courtesy of good old Seadog slobber-power and a good chunk of help from our visiting friends from Pegleg Squad. Today’s Rumble Awards:

    Two Blue Anchors today, for scores over 25K+:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 25,952! Dog Breath [​IMG] 25,600!

    We have 6 Trophies, for scores 10K and higher:
    beuk [​IMG] 15,394, Capt Misfit [​IMG] 12,507, Smudger [​IMG] 12,306, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 12,289, GB [​IMG] 11,460, ElFrenetico [​IMG] 10,914

    And a tidy 15 Medals [​IMG] today, for scores 5K and up:
    [​IMG], redbirds fan, Valuta, 10Atious, 850Arrr, Oak Island, Becker The Redbeard, Intimidator, Jeff Puetz, Fuzz, Govan53, stv1919, SD, Mantor, RedBeardy!

    Great fighting everyone, and cheers to our rumble rivals! Hope everyone’s doing well in the Boggs event. We’re 1/3 of the way there and going strong. Another day or so and we’ll all be cashing in our second sails.

    In honor of our visiting Pegleg friends, we’ll be doing an extra frumble today, after a 12-hour break. No minimum for this one – just for fun – then we’ll be back to our usual weekend rumble with minimums for Seadogs, but no minimums for our visitors from Seadogs R&R and Pegleg.

    See you next rumble & happy plundering everyone!
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  12. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 12 August Rumble Awards

    Hi Seadogs! I've had a long week and been away a bit, so I have two editions of the Scottish Seadogs rumble awards to catch up on.

    So, first things first... It’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards, with special thanks to Pegleg Squad!

    Congratulations to each and every one of you for an incredible win, very impressive! Our score of 660,774 has pushed our ranking to 13th for our guild and 9th for rumbles on the global leaderboards. We cracked top 10! Woo hoo! Amazing – truly amazing.

    A big thank you to the crew at Chili and Banane for pushing us so hard – your top scorer was Jack Sparrow at 103,323 - you are an impressive group of pirates!

    Our top award today goes to Cap’N Black, with a whomping Golden Anchor [​IMG] at 105,945! Congratulations Cap’n Black! Truly a tremendous achievement – take a bow.

    We have three more giant Golden Anchors today, for scores 50K and higher:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 73,391!
    Smudger [​IMG] 56,959!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 56,848!

    For scores 25K and higher, we have three blue anchors today – more incredible scores:
    Intimidator [​IMG] 36,459!
    10Atious [​IMG] 26,498!
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 25,449!

    For Scores 10K and higher, trophies go out to:
    Flame [​IMG] 20,762, Becker The Redbeard [​IMG] 18,908, beuk [​IMG] 18,726, 850Arrr [​IMG] 16,844, Jeff Puetz [​IMG]12,509, Rock le Jock [​IMG] 12,436, Govan53 [​IMG] 11,614, Valuta [​IMG] 11,403, Juggernaut [​IMG] 10,834, stv1919 [​IMG] 10,113

    Finally, [​IMG]Medals[​IMG] for those scoring 5K or above:
    GB, Holts6, Birnie, Aragorn, Husar, ElFrenetico, Argh the Pirate, TheQueen, Fuzz, SD, and Lotso!

    What a fantastic rumble, and what a fantastic result! Congratulations everyone, we have what it takes when we need to pull together, and in this case, a huge thanks to our friends visiting from Pegleg Squad – not sure we could have done it without you, mates! You're welcome to rumble with us any time. :)

    See you all next rumble.
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  13. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 16 August 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi everyone!

    Sorry not to have much to say for this edition of the awards. I was out for this rumble, so I’m just catching up on things. Congratulations to the Seadogs on a respectable score, and to Россия on a well-fought and well-won rumble.

    We have four Blue Anchors today, for scores over 25K:
    Cap’N Black [​IMG] 28,781!
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 28,480!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 27,164!
    Smudger [​IMG] 25,435!

    Six Trophies today, for scores over 10K:
    850Arrr [​IMG] 21,023, stv1919 [​IMG] 20,093, Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 19,842, GB [​IMG] 14,446, 10Atious [​IMG] 11,446, and Pirate Gaz [​IMG] 10,373!

    And finally, we have 11 Medals, for scores over 5K:
    Oak Island, Jeff Puetz, Husar, Aragorn, Birnie, Govan53, Lotso, Stoney Tooth, Capt Misfit, Intimidator, and Mantor!

    See you next rumble. :)
  14. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 19 August 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi everyone – it’s the Scottish Seadogs Rumble Awards! Today’s awards are from Cap’n Dog Breath:

    Congratulations on another rumble win!

    We have two Blue Anchors awards today, for scores 25K and higher:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 30,160!
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 27,753!

    Nice job there, Sea!

    We have three Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Cap’N Black [​IMG] 12,157,
    Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 11,369,
    ElFrenetico [​IMG] 11,264

    Well done mateys!

    And 13 [​IMG]Medal[​IMG] winners, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Stoney Tooth, Oak Island, Govan53, Cr@zy eYe, 850Arrr, Pirate Gaz, James, stv1919, Mantor, Lotso, Smudger, Rich, and SD!

    Congratulations to all our award winners today. Special mention needed here, James, outstanding score for PH8! We had a large group on shore leave this rumble, which makes our win more incredible.

    OK, that is it from me, time for another coffee to kick start the day, have a great day!

    See you next rumble.

    -Cap'n Dog Breath [ Copy and paste by ElF. :) ]
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  15. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs! Note from ElF - behind again on posting - will catch up with the Saturday awards later tonight! :)

    Today’s awards by Cap’n Dog Breath. =)

    Woo hoo! We beat ’em for 2nd place by 2,556 BP! Nice! The Chinese guild remains as the #1 rumble guild, so very happy with our 2nd place.

    Today’s Rumble Awards:

    We have 3 Blue Anchor awards today. Our top scorer and first Seadog to complete the event is:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 30,627! Go Sea! Closely followed by:
    Smudger [​IMG] 28,567! Nice job Smudger. And…
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 25,131!

    Great pirating there mateys – yyyaarrrgggghhh!

    There are 9 Trophies today, for scores 10K and higher:
    10Atious [​IMG] 21,141, 850Arrr [​IMG] 16,780, ElFrenetico [​IMG] 16,748, GB [​IMG] 13,410, stv1919 [​IMG] 11,559, Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 10,794, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 10,766, Argh the Pirate [​IMG] 10,522, Aragorn [​IMG] 10,365.

    Great playing mates!

    And 9 [​IMG] Medal winners [​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Green-eyed Lou, Booty Slappa, Undertaker01, Oak Island, Jeff Puetz, Laaah, Hooknut, Fuzz, Lotso

    Congratulations to all our award winners today!

    Special mention to our newbie g5gcd5, fantastic score for PH7 4,764BP.

    The Name That Island competition has ended and in the end Midoki gave 3 prizes instead of just the one. So on the new North Sea sailing map you will see 3 islands named by playing pirates. First island will be Tyrfing’s Torment… you will have to Google it. =) The other two are Frostbite Cove and Icengard. Hope you are enjoying this event – after this Frumble we will next rumble as our normal schedule Saturday, minimums will apply.

    That’s enough from me today, have a great day!
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  16. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 26 August 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    Today’s rumble awards by Cap’n Dog Breath, and the letter RRRRRRR! =)

    Congratulations Seadogs! A cruisy win this time, and we had 12 crew on shore leave! Yyyaaarrrgghh! Nice work there everyone – our final score 275,542!

    Our top scorer and winner of the Blue Anchor, for scoring 25K or higher, is:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 28,225!
    Congratulations Sea, will have to organise a bigger trophy cabinet for you lol. =)

    We have 7 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Cap’N Black [​IMG] 21,417, Dog Breath [​IMG] 18,420, Intimidator [​IMG] 16,449, Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 15,574, 850Arrr [​IMG] 14,701, Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 14,281, GB [​IMG] 10,054

    Great playing mates!

    We have 12 Medal winners today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Hooknut [​IMG], Oak Island [​IMG], Husar [​IMG], Smudger [​IMG], stv1919 [​IMG], Rich [​IMG], Rock le Jock [​IMG], Lotso [​IMG], Green-eyed Lou [​IMG], Stoney Tooth [​IMG], Booty Slappa [​IMG], Fuzz [​IMG]

    Congratulations to all our award winners today! Great job on the rumble everyone, fantastic effort.

    Other news of the day – the officers announce a promotion! For completing 4 rumbles and meeting minimum… G5gcd5 is promoted to crew!

    We are frumbling right now, no minimums, no required participation, so have fun!

    OK Seadogs, that’s it from me, have a great day.
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  17. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 30 August 2017 Rumble Awards

    Today’s awards are from Capn’ Dog Breath.

    Nice cruisy win Seadogs! Our score of 235,469, after the Thunderstruck event is pretty damn good. Great job everyone.

    We have one Blue Anchor for scoring 25K or higher, our top scorer and a damn fine pirate is…
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 25,794!
    Woo hoo, Sea!

    There are 6 Trophies today, for scoring 10K or higher:
    Dog Breath [​IMG] 22,103, GB [​IMG] 12,537, 850Arrr [​IMG] 11,772, 10Atious [​IMG] 10,657, Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 10,232, Intimidator [​IMG] 10,128
    Yyyaaarrrrggghhh! Nice pirating mateys!

    And our [​IMG]12 Medal[​IMG] winners today, for scores of 5K and higher, are:
    Govan53, stv1919, Green-eyed Lou, Cap’N Black, Hooknut, Oak Island, Aragorn, ElFrenetico, Pirate Gaz, Pirate525252, Stoney Tooth, Jeff Puetz

    Congratulations to all our award winners today!

    OK, other news of the day. Our fellow pirate Mick McStaggers has been off line now for 32 days. The officers have been trying to contact Mick through other media channels but have had no response. The officers have had a lengthy discussion and have come to the rather painful decision to let Mick go.

    Mick, we all hope that you will sail back to the Seadogs where you will be most welcome. Happy sails Mick.

    We’ll miss Mick’s grog box. As a result of Mick’s leaving the guild, we have an officer’s position to fill. The officers invite crew who are interested in the position to contact any officer through Line or in game chat. You will need to either be on the Line app or willing to join.

    The officers’ role involves posting perks funding, vetting pirates wanting to join, assisting with inquiries from crew, and the most important role, joining officer discussions on just about anything from promotions, rumbles, etc. Anyone from the rank of Crew is invited.

    The US Labour Day long weekend is this weekend. Last year we had a lot of crew on shore leave. Last year we ended up cancelling the rumble, so if you could let us know, a decision can be made.

    No news from Midoki about the next update. The new map must be about to drop… surely! Just hoping there is a bit more than a new map. Lynsey has said there are new things planned, but no timeline.

    OK Seadogs that’s it from me today, have a great day.

    See you next rumble!
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  18. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 2 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs - today’s rumble awards by Officer 850arrr.

    Hear ye hear ye, it’s now time for the Seadogs Rumble Awards!

    Great effort on the rumble, no misses from the crew!

    Our top scoring mate who grabbed the Blue Anchor is Seaclearer [​IMG] 26,112!

    Great job good sir!

    Up next we had nine trophy winners! For scores 10K and higher:
    850Arrr [​IMG] 21,874, Govan53 [​IMG] 15,701, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 15,126, Dog Breath [​IMG] 15,015, Smudger [​IMG]11,360, Mantor [​IMG] 11,097, stv1919 [​IMG] 10,386, 10Atious [​IMG] 10,250, Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 10,058

    Great job mates, solid playing right there.

    To cap it off we had eight [​IMG]Medals[​IMG], for scores of 5K and higher:
    Intimidator, GB, Argh the Pirate, Rock le Jock, Rich, Lotso, Toserman, Husar

    Nice job Seadogs. This concludes the rumble awards, and now just to mention another time we are continuing to look for crew who want to be an officer.

    We have had a couple step up and we will announce the promotions before the next rumble but we’d like to keep the door open if more would like a shot.

    Duties entail that you must have the Line app, pitch in with our discussions, help funding of perks and be open to getting the captain a grog when he asks for it. :cool: Oh – that goes for quartermasters too. :)

    Alrighty then, break out that rake and shovel, it’s farming time till our next rumble.

    Congratulations Seadogs on another rumble win! Yyyaaarrrgghhh!
  19. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Wednesday, 6 September 2017 Rumble Awards

    Hi Seadogs!

    Sorry for the short-and-sweet awards today, but I waited too long to grab Cap’n Dog’s awards from the game chat. Hats off to DnD for a well-smashed rumble as usual.

    Today’s Seadogs Rumble Awards:

    We have 2 Blue Anchors for scores 25K and higher:
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 25,801! 850Arrr [​IMG] 25,308!
    Top-notch plundering, anchor winners!

    There are 11 Trophies today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Dog Breath [​IMG]23,453, GB [​IMG] 20,054, Hooknut [​IMG] 17,367, 10Atious [​IMG] 16,799, Beuk [​IMG] 16,689, Aragorn [​IMG] 13,751, Firefly [​IMG] 13,537, Smudger [​IMG] 11,819, Shadow Stalker [​IMG]11,598, Cap’N Black [​IMG] 11,578, Holtso [​IMG] 11,181
    Great playing mates!

    Finally, we have [​IMG]15 Medal winners[​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    Argh the Pirate, ElFrenetico, Cr@zy eYe, Govan53, Stoney Tooth, Lotso, stv1919, TheQueen, Pirate Gaz, Laaah, Redbirds Fan, RedBeardy, BeckerTheRdbeard, Rich, Oak Island
    Great playing Seadogs!

    See you next rumble!
  20. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Saturday, 9 September 2017 Rumble Awards
    Hi Seadogs!

    Today’s rumble awards are from the Breath of the Dog himself!

    Nice win in the rumble Seadogs and Pegleg Squad! Final score of 329,890, well above our average! Woo hoo! And we finished the event just under 3 days to go! Impressive! Thank you everyone, outstanding effort!

    On to our awards for the rumble.

    Our top scorer and winner of the Blue Anchor, for scores 25K and higher, is…
    Seaclearer [​IMG] 26,758!
    Outstanding Sea! Considering you had to battle Irma as well, great score.

    We have 10 Trophy winners today, for scores 10K and higher:
    Cr@zy eYe [​IMG] 19,651, Dog Breath [​IMG] 16,110, BeckerTheRdbeard [​IMG] 15,047, stv1919 [​IMG] 14,146, Beuk [​IMG] 12,750, Firefly [​IMG] 11,978, 850Arrr [​IMG] 11,313, TheQueen [​IMG] 11,262, Jeff Puetz [​IMG] 10,876, Smudger [​IMG] 10,407

    Congratulations Trophy winners!

    And we have 14 [​IMG] Medal winners [​IMG] today, for scores of 5K and higher:
    GB, Cap’N Black, 10Atious, RedBeardy, Govan53, Lotso, Oak Island, Holts6, Shadow Stalker, Valuta, RedRuby, Stoney Tooth, Sparky 60, ElFrenetico

    Congratulations to all our award winners today!

    Okey dokey, other news of the day…

    Congratulations to Queen, a personal best for a rumble! May your pirating be filled with rubies!

    Congratulations to stv1919, no. 2 on the Belgium leaderboard!

    A big thank you to Pegleg Squad, couldn’t have finished the event so early without your tremendous support. Always great to have you here with us for events and rumbles. Hope you will be back for another event.

    Seadogs R&R came in 3rd in their very first fun rumble, only four of us scored, Laird Atherton was the first to win a battle. Had a lot of fun, so much they are having another fun rumble.

    ElFrenetico has written a guide for events, which is now available on our website, Check it out, gives guidelines on expectations for guild events.

    OK, that’s more than enough from me today, we are back to our normal rumble schedule, next rumble Wednesday, minimums apply.

    Have a great day everyone!
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