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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by ElFrenetico, Aug 26, 2016.

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    As Barizard Buildwright sent his four sons off into the pirate world to make their fortunes, he could hardly contain his pride. As he settled into retirement, his chests could hardly contain the mountain of gems he had received for their assignment. Those were the days.

    About 3 days, to be precise. Being a pirate at heart, he was soon separated from his gems and re-entering the workforce. Smelling opportunity in the reports of long waits and backlogs, he headed off to whip his sons into ship shape and show them how it's done.

    Level 1 - "You'll work together and you'll like it!"
    Assign more than one builder to speed up a building task.

    Level 2 - "So, who wants a raise?"
    Pay additional gold & grog to speed up building.

    Level 3 - "It's called mass production, boys!"
    Upgrade multiple walls at once for a discount.
  2. flyingdoucheman

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    Put on some mood music and Mrs Buildright could maybe have more kids too. <Siri , play Barry Whites top 10 please> ❤️

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