the game or my iPad starts to go crazy

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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    It happens to me in the morning on my Ipad 4 when i was in the game and writing something and now again... now during an attack,

    I was farming and I deployed a few gunners... maybe 10-15, then my screen shows me continuously deploy them on the water... i didn't deploy more then those 10-15,because i didn't touch the water, the game or my Pad did it by them selfs.... whole time some twitching in the picture... and when i finished i used according to game 52 of them.... i watched the attack and for some reason more gunners was deployed

    the chat button is also a kind like blinking hole time,... i close the game and want shut down my pad... the appstore app opens whole time by himself and shows me free app of the week... i cant even force my pad to shutdown...
    in game ticket is on the way

    now it works again, i did a little reboot, not only empty memory/Ram
    but something is weird now, i wrote a message for my mates and left the game for a few minutes, and when i come back in the game 5-10 min later it shows me my written message as an new one, red one, like the game hasn't noticed that it was me who wrote it and already know what's there
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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Is your iPad haunted?
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    i don't know ;)... some pirates curse maybe... :confused: because i "borrow" so much rum and gold from other pirates :p:D

    edit: it is my iPad :mad:, i will see what the "doc" says tomorrow
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  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Actually, in all seriousness (and nearly a week late), I had an issue with my iPad Air aaages ago where it kept on getting 'phantom' inputs on the screen - if I opened a text field and the keyboard popped up, you'd see the keyboard going crazy, loads of letters popping up, etc. That was across all apps though, and on iOS 7 or 8, if I recall correctly. Ended up contacting Apple support, who told me to do a factory reset. It didn't fully go away until I went up to the next OS version though. :/
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  5. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    When I'd click between tasks in the Errands quickly to start a new Errand, many of times I'll get the icon to gem the Errand. I first thought it was my device, then when I saw it happen on my other device I thought maybe it's a glitch in the game

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Exactly the same thing started last week Thursday with this "phantom" inputs... it went mad. After the second time in the afternoon I did a little reset... that helped for a few hours... then it started the show again after 6-7h later... a good screen clean next day... nothing, all fine... 1 hour later whole show again, it was Friday(not the 13. ;))... i called the guys for help again... ok, remove the protectionglas(Panzerglas), maybe it helps, nope... i closed the open app... swish and it opens again by himself :confused:

    so i went back and we did a full RESET, factory reset and reloaded all again... that worked until Saturday afternoon, an it started again and sorry it does that always when i am in PLUNDERS- pirates curse??? I closed my pad and empty the RAM or whatever it is... just in case(did it already 2-3 times in the same week, before maybe once a month, if even that)

    it worked until Monday again and went again mad, it always opend my profil in Plunders :D... again empty the Ram and i play a lot!!!!! and at this moment, all is fine, i don't know what it could be... haven't done a second factory reset

    sometimes i feels like the touchscreen takes the touches/ or reacts too them later then they have been done/ the writing sometimes too... and i have no other apps or games open in the background at the same time

    IOS 10 something iPad4 64GB

    edit :
    and today in the afternoon came information for the coming iOS 11 o_O, i don't know is that good or bad news for us
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