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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Intimidator, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. I have had this issue off and on for two yrs. Normally it takes 2+- minutes for the no internet message to show up and reboot. I know it is a cone tivity issue for me as the internet service bounces between g3 andg4 and it screws it up had it happen mid attack and shows as a loss even though I watched my army win. I have just gotten to the point when I have a lot of good grog that I just spent I go right back in to make sure it really was accepted.
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    Thanks for the comment, Lady. I’ve never had this issue until I wrote in. I have had the lost battle issue due to disconnect on rare occasions. This seems different because battles work fine, I don’t get any connection issue messages and my internet service is fine. :oops:
  3. Morgan Ford

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    P.S. The situation has moved past rational and logical conversation. Recent history has proven to be wildly ineffective regarding a solution to the problem.
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    While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree lol. Yelling doesn’t do anything, neither does asking nicely. They do what they want. Definitely need some work! I agree.

    I’d also like to suggest a lower tavern limit on witch doctors and priestesses (Also what is allowed in the guild ship). The amount people use just to get three stars is insane. If you need 4-5 wd and 4-6 priestesses to take out my island, well... have at it I guess. I just don’t understand why we get new defenses which are literally useless with overpowered attacks. There should be a little better balance to defending your loot or pirate rank. 2-3 wd max and 2 priestesses. Maybe allow only one in the guild ship or none. Some people need to find a new way to attack imo. Myself included, I miss a lot of three stars either because I’m not that good or I choose not use a million dollar crew. Some islands just look like too much work and I know I’m not gonna get 3 stars, so I just hit next :eek:.
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    hey @Intimidator - I think you bring up a good point about limiting WDs and priestesses but what that ultimately tells me is defenses are too strong. If you simply cannot 3* the hardest islands with a more limited crew then climbing up the pirate ranks would be nearly impossible. I agree that it seems crazy that certain attackers bring so many, but if that’s the only way to get a 3* then what? At this point in time, I only seem to get 3 starred when all my defenses and traps are blown and I have a bad LP on board. I also get 3 starred during thundersuck sometimes but that’s a whole different story obviously. I think the bigger picture here is a combination of elements. I would be all for limiting those speciality troops a bit if: I knew my bombers would actually bomb walls, my WDs would follow the troops I drop them with, my WDs wouldn’t stick to an LP and just stand there, my HGs wouldn’t shoot a wall piece when there’s an opening 1 more wall piece to either side, etc... the AI in this game is and has been terrible for years. Additionally, I truly think with the addition of the extra weapons we got with the most recent update, the tavern would need an upgrade to increase troop size in order to compensate for the loss of extra WDs and priestesses. You know as well as I do, and you even said this, some islands look so daunting it’s not even worth trying to attack if you don’t bring 4 wds and 4 priestesses. That shouldn’t be the case. Maxed islands shouldn’t be impossible with a more limited crew, but they simply are. There’s always a fine balance between attacking power and defensive power, and I think at this point defense wins... unless of course you bring 6 wds and 6 priestesses lol..

    Cheers mate,

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    Yeah you bring up excellent points there Oak! If my troops did what they were supposed to, I certainly would have a little more luck. Even on easy island or what appear to easy sometimes get a wrench thrown into the whole thing because the wd either walks off to chase a gunner or my crew doesn’t walk through a hole in the wall. All the other things you mentioned as well. I feel like my crew setup is pretty expensive myself (3 wd 2 priest+ guild ship with a pri and ggs). I probably haven’t evolved to the game I supposed and stuck in my ways. With the addition of new weapons I really haven’t changed it up all that much. I did add 3 wd from 2 and 2 pri from 1. Also been toying with Aeros which I never thought I’d do. If the tavern had an increase (more firepower) and troops behaved I suppose I would be fine. Maybe people have figured out all the quirks of the game. Like when all my troops are inside the walls and suddenly leave to start shoot things outside. It’s impossible to clear the entire island sometimes and is super annoying and usually ends with 1-2 stars instead of what appeared to be a for sure solid win. It’s happening alot... troops appear to go chase outlying building but then end up walking right back inside and repeat this several times during an attack. This screws the whole attack because they are just walking around and not actually killing anything sometimes. In the process you lose more and more troops while they repeat this in/out of walls sillyness. Idk what adding more walls and weapons did to the troops but it seems like they are more confused than ever and need some working on. Or maybe I’ve gotten sloppy and all washed up lol. Either way I’m sure it is what it is and nothing will ever be done about it. So....

    Good luck,
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    Good points Tim and Oak, I've noticed that the last round of troop trainings wasn't enough of a boost to take on the extra defenses. I think they would have been if there weren't the added gun towers, cannons, and mortars. My favorite is when the WD gets lost or killed early and all my troops are focused on the PH and there's one maxed gun tower and cannon taking everyone out, ya, such BS.

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