Suspicious user activity on global ranking leaderboards

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Death, May 16, 2020.

  1. Death

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    Hello Midoki,

    We appear to be seeing each other a lot lately, lol - regardless, I hope you're doing well and keeping safe.

    I'm mainly writing another forum post to inform you of some highly suspicious player activity (regarding their ranking) on the global leaderboards.

    It's been apparent to (almost) everyone, for months now, that, a Chinese player (Currently in the second highest-ranked guild) has a ranking within the 1,400's (and has kept and maintained this ranking once again, for months).

    Any player who plays this game the way it's meant to be played (battling, defending and using strategies to attack other higher-ranked players) will know that it's nearly impossible to acquire such a high ranking to their name, especially when there's a huge margin from the second highest-ranked pirate to the most (present) highest-ranking pirate (about a <150 ranking) discrepancy.

    We've all noticed (Or, at least my fellow peers within the guild I'm in - and perhaps some other pirates within the community, as they've made an identical layout of his previous base) that Julian's (The pirate within the 1,416's rankings previous name) base has never been up for grabs, nor available, to anyone before; which is why AllenLI and myself have been keeping chronicles of Julian's profile stats (Predominantly regarding their 'Defence' victories and defeats.

    He's constantly gaining defence wins (At current, he's gained about 85 concurrent victories against his defence, and only 2 defeats.)

    Just by merely judging his base layout (or the one that he's used for the past few months now (Since he has now changed it by utilising his walls to outline his ranking), any high-ranked player (with donation troops) and a maximum-trained pirate layout, should be capable to vanquish it within <2 minutes.

    It seems as though he has had a previous criminal record in successful attempts to mock and exploit your game (judging by his 443,000 miles sailed; with a total of 6.9 million miles sailed for the guild he's presently in); however, I'm sure you're aware of the past, but maybe not so much of the present (in terms of perhaps a new rank-abusing exploit they've perhaps located/created).

    While I was wrong on the other post I made (about the events ;)), perhaps I might be onto something here - and while I do know that the user can purchase shields, the dates and time here just doesn't really add up to justifiable circumstances.

    Let me know your thoughts on this, and if any of the other pirates within the community want to voice their opinions about this, as well: by all means, please feel free to attach your comment, alongside your thoughts, to this post, about Julian's suspicious activity; I'd be fascinated to hear them, and perhaps even come to a conclusion on whether or not they cheated their ranking in (a bit like how they have an absurd amount of total miles sailed on their guild), or whether they're legit and have respectfully gained their ranking while utilising no third-party software or exploits.

    Death :)
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  2. If midoki responds and Julian has rightly acquired his PR, you may owe a serious apology. Will be interesting but be prepared for the backlash

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