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  1. pete

    pete Powder Monkey

    sooooo..yeah i must not be the only who has this problem since a years or less now..very very VERY frustrating because right now im stuck with ph13 because even if i upgrade to ph14 i dont have enough bp to lunch those defense and especially the academy and voodoo hut who has ridiculous amount of bp to lunch them...i just want to quit the game at this point, im an active player who do 100 000 of score in a single rumble sometimes and even working my ass off with those score i dont even got enough bp from those attack to lunch a legendary pirate! I got the material to lunch them since a few month but guess what..cant lunch them because of bp..and yes i my boat every godemm day, open lucky chest and score 12k average avery day...sooo please CHANGE DAPPER ChEST for 100 000 bp or something like that on a event for helping us
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  2. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Completely agree. Anyone without a BP stockpile can’t keep up with the costs. There should be bigger BP rewards for battling, rumble rewards (maybe scoring based - higher score, higher BP bonus), and increased BP amounts in chests. And change the currency for observatory funding to EP.
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  3. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I’ve brought up bp issues a long, long time ago. I’m assuming they will say there is still a surplus of bp collectively in the game, so unlikely to change, but they are monitoring it lol. Doubtful you’ll get any help or response. Midoki doesn’t seem to wanna take players feedback and ever implement any good ideas from players. Maybe because it wasn’t their idea first? No clue....

    The only players I know that have a healthy stash of bp, are ones who haven’t really upgraded Lps religiously. Those players with 750k-1m bp would be wiped out if they broke down and farmed legend upgrades at some point. I’m sure some are stuck waiting on materials because certain ones are impossible to get anymore as well.

    Not a word about their hacked new event is quite unbelievable to me. Really?

    Good luck!
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  4. pete

    pete Powder Monkey

    Morgan flint, yes definitely need an improvement on bp attack reward and in win rumble prize bp reward too..and yes to change bp to ep to fund observatory, because now everything in the game cost bp and nothing cost ep so where is the common sense in that? Even if i fund training ground and pirate catcher everytimes i just can only give 25% of it lol so my ep will be at 1 million forever.

    and yes intimidator, im training all my legendary right now to the limit of my ph13 can train them.. but cost around 30k-35k bp each lvl so yeah it drain all my bp...but if i dont lunch them to training im stuck with almost full silo and loosing material on chest and sailing...
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  5. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    This! I have over 3million EP :eek:
  6. pete

    pete Powder Monkey

    if only we could trade ep for bp :D im gonna go listen to aerosmith song « dream on »
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  7. Too..Dig or Dug.. way off on Ep or Bp TRade

    Master M...well I watched a playback from a good friend...the Sky Diver i presume is Batman in disguise got stuck...I just visioned he was drilling down. but that 2d land was stuck, hit some bad Textures...Then i wondered could we go 3d drilling down further...pondering the destiny. And than I remembered.. I'm not Dug. Anyway my question is can we have Pirates drilling under the walls. All the Best. D
  8. pete

    pete Powder Monkey

    Drilling under the walls :D anything new would be appreciated for sure even a drilling pirate :eek:

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