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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Wilton525 [HKG], Oct 3, 2014.

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  1. Wilton525 [HKG]

    Wilton525 [HKG] Powder Monkey

    I think it would be great when we can deploy spare workers with nothing to build with, to help the other workers who are working hard, and make the building time shorter.
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  2. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    This has been discussed in other threads. Please check before making duplicate threads.
  3. Wilton525 [HKG]

    Wilton525 [HKG] Powder Monkey

    Oh, sorry.
  4. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    That's Actually A Pretty Good Idea
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