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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nightfalls, Aug 15, 2020.

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    sup ppls! first time i'm posting here! take note that English isn't my mother langauge so i'll do my best!

    so i love this game, graphics, the 3d, troops, its really a unique game and wonderfully made! but there are some bumps that bother me

    first of all, BP and EP points. right now i'm at PH7 gonna upp my ph soon, but i have almost 300(!)k EP points, and a measly 33k BP... i know i will need ALOT of bp for when i'm PH8, upping the tavern, voodoo hut, and the academy.

    so why are these 2 so unbalanced in this extreme? i dont need and cant use all those EP points. but BP i never can have enough!

    second, look, this game is amazingly fun, but i have this feeling like its hanging by a thread. i hope it will last for still a long while... ?

    i'm not going to speak of the other smaller things that bother me a little, because i dont want a 2 page long thread.

    anyway, cheers!
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