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Discussion in 'Exploration Improvements' started by Keena-CBD, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Keena-CBD

    Keena-CBD First Mate

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show when rewards won when sailing will not fit in the silo. I will stop sailing until it changes. Only for events, and even then, regrettingly. :cool:
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    This would be really useful!! I don't understand why this is not already in use....Many times I lost something.... but I must keep sailing for the ep.

    There should be something like a emergency siilo for the stuff from the sailingtrips which don't fits in the siilo. Go and pick them later when you need them or they fit in the siilo and your ship can go on a new trip...

    And why is the siilo upgrade made so damn difficult? My son had now ph 8 ... next siilo upgrade is possible at ph10. And many, many unopend chests... give us please a upgrade on every ph upgradelevel. Cant develop legendaries, always is something missing, possibly in the unopend chests....
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  3. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I also wish one of the PH 10 silo upgrades was available at PH9! Pretty please? :rolleyes:
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  4. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I would love the ability to organize my silo. It's so messy ;)

    Also when I trash material, can that be converted to BP? I can raid all the gold I don't need lol.
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  5. Keena-CBD

    Keena-CBD First Mate

    He's kidding
  6. Keena-CBD

    Keena-CBD First Mate

    He's a big kidder. Lol.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    My sons ph 8 account it's sometimes so boring, the silo is full, very full, the right legendary pirates for the stuff are missing ... we are stucked with the upgrades, cant do anything before we get new legendary pirates... and train them and get so a little bit emptier boxes that we can open more chests and find something missing... he has over 20 marauders and so on... about 45-50 unopened chests. We could train them the whole time, but no... it is not possible. The compensation for the silo stuff stinks and too many items are to rare for sale.

    What we do in between? oh yes, i know, we hunt the badly missing BP :p

    Could you please add for every ph upgrade 5 or 10 slots in the silo for us? the last upgrade was at ph 7 ... at ph 10 we get 15 slots more... or? and was it at ph 11 20? Who can tell me? Something about 9 million gold it cost's... I hope not at ph 11, because i try to collect the gold just right now... if i can't upgrade my silo yet... i have to use the gold for the walls... which is also boring ...

    And i must tell you, i upgraded my ph from 9 to 10 too fast... BUT i did it, because i needed the bigger silo! My defense still was mostly at ph8 canons, mortar... snipertowers... :eek: and all because of the damn silo-issue...:mad:

    The Intimidator has a very GOOD idea! No gold for the stuff we can/must/want sale, give us BP!!!! If we could get the same amount in BP what you offer in gold at this moment... it would be okay!

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  8. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Myself and others did make some post when the newer/last level of silo was being talked about being implemented. Still don't understand why we don't have any silo upgrade from ph7-ph10/11. Makes no sense whatsoever! My ph8 account is stuck just like @WOLLIMAUS. I've trashed alot of stuff, open just a couple more chest sitting there and don't get what I need and repeat. There are some things that I can't/won't trash because they are too rare. :(

    As we all know BP is the most important commodity in the game. Lower level players need that to be able to progress their PH/Academy levels. They can't open chest for the bp/ep contained in them unless you just chuck all that precious materials along the way. I don't see how thats fair as they have fought for them or bought chest just like anyone else. Please give them a respectable silo storage capacity. Ph7 silo is a real joke to try and manage. Also if the silo is full, can't collect anything from exploration either. Lose, lose, all the way around!

    I'm sure a lot of players end up quitting at this point because of frustration anyway. I do think the game needs to keep players and acquire more at this point.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Now are both games on hold with developing legendary pirates, because we can't fit in IMPORTANT ITEMS in the silo. My sons have the same ph level now, ph 8. From ph 7 to ph 10 it's a very long way without any upgrade from the silo! Impossible to do anything. And NO, we don't trash stuffs for what we have worked for!
    It is possible at ph 8 that a player has already ALL legendary pirates when he got lucky and they need a lot of DIFFERENT items for upgrading them.

    my suggestion is:

    give us already at ph 8: +10 slots

    ph 9: +10 slots and

    at ph 10 only the 15 or 20 slots, or what ever

    why we have to wait so long before we can get at ph 10 15+20 slots, it's nonsens

    PLEASE give us the badly needed silo upgrades!!!

    And how about the second silo only for the stuffs we get from sailing trips but they don't fit in? Or how about to mark them in red like the chest items when they don't fit in?
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  10. McQ

    McQ Captain

    I think maybe it's on purpose from midoki so you can't (or can't easily) have overpowered lp's until you progress up the ph levels. A high level lp would arguably make it too easy for say a ph8 player against other ph8 bases.
    I know the struggle. My alt only recently did the silo upgrades at ph10. I was sitting on so many caskets and chests that I hadn't been able to open. Prior to upgrading the silo and being able to open more chests most lps were only around level 12 or lower. You can get them higher if you prioritise your fav lps and bin the materials for the others. Doing that on my main helped me max a few quickly before going back and working on the others.
    The bp, ep, gold and grog contents in each chest are tied to the ph level when you open the chests too so waiting and opening them when you are higher will increase the return on those too.
  11. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Legends are already limited to upgrade based on your pirate hall. So you can't level up past a certain point. Problem is as @WOLLIMAUS stated. You need so many items if you have all the LPs. Its impossible to even try with the very limited space in the silo when you are below ph10 :( or you have to trash ALOT of material to get there.

    It's very unmotivating to have to trash 1/2 or more of the stuff you worked so hard for or were lucky enough to win in an event. Or you don't and you get stuck. Materials aside...It's does absolutely no good for a newer player to have chest stacked to the moon. All that precious BP/EP in chest are needed to keep progressing in the game. Otherwise it's a slow painful process that most people will probably not stick with imo.
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  12. Keena-CBD

    Keena-CBD First Mate

    But getting back to my original request, we need to know when sailing rewards will not fit in the silo. Very frustrating. And thank you for listening. :)
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