Rocky outcroppings

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by snoring badger, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. snoring badger

    snoring badger Powder Monkey

    wondering why all the higher ranked players terra form and remove all the rocky outcroppings. If you build a fence up to one, can defenders wiggle through the gap? Seems like you could use as extra fencing that can't be destroyed by attackers or for mazes if used correctly?
  2. Salty Snack

    Salty Snack Captain

    Yes, attackers go between rock and fence. Rocks are useful though. If on edges, attackers sometimes swim around them. The large ones with tall trees can provide some protection from sky raiders if in the right spot. Adds some visual clutter which some think is advantageous.
  3. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    if u wanna have some of them,and use them in ur side, u have to make a base according to their places...i have already cleard them all
  4. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I used them with great success in my PH3-5 bases. But eventually, you need the free space to properly position units, and these are arranged in such a way that one is always in the way of something.
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  5. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Yes. This. So very true
  6. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    I removed mine early in the game before I realized how useful they could be :( I regret it. Wish I could get them back.
  7. Darth Yoda

    Darth Yoda First Mate

    Not really missing much, they just get in the way now.
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  8. Agreed.
  9. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    I got rid of them all when still at PH4. Good riddance. They were especially annoying when I first started playing and the Halloween graphics were still in place. The pumpkins were ridiculous especially all over these rocky outcrops, and it took me a while to realize I was playing a pirate-themed game with a temporary Halloween theme, rather than a Halloween game posing as a Pirate game.
  10. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    I kept a few of the Big smily guys on the outskirts of the map and sometimes it helps me push out my base a little bit further, but you have to get sand to them.

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