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Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Havoc Incarnate, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. im wondering why the rewards haven't changed to match PH lvls. It very nice to have the bragging rights for a win in a rumble, but the rewards really only benefit the smaller bases. It would be nice to get a proper reward that can actually benefit the bigger ones too. Is there a way to make it PH level bases and not just a set reward for the entire guild?
    Pretty much every rumble, if you r really battling u lose so much grog since u don't always attack the best bases to recoup grog loss. Just a thought and I'm sure it has been asked b4.
  2. LoneStarTheJust

    LoneStarTheJust Powder Monkey

    If only it worked that way! I feel like the PH7 bases really don't get much either. But Hey, you do get gems!
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  3. I spend about 100-500 gems a rumble, lol so 30-35 is about 2 battles for me.

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