REWARDS: 1000 days in Plunder Pirates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paul_TWD, Mar 20, 2018.

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    I downloaded PP less than a week after the US rollout. The first month the game was released it crashed constantly - mainly due to the servers were unable to hold nearly 4 million players that just joined. Now mind you, probably only a small fraction of those players maintained. Within the first six months (roughly the amount of time you’ve been playing) we already had PH6 (correct me if I’m wrong). Lots of changes occurred in that six months. This forum was ablaze with rivalry, laughter, updates, words of wisdom and egos alike. In the year to follow, Midoki would break away from Rovio Stars and we began to hear less and less from them. Meanwhile, players would hold it together by posting rumble scores, creating threads reminiscing days of old; players who would be of the most feared pirates would end up leaving the game. As the dust has settled, a handful of us original pirates yet remain. Myself, for example created a guild to help train up and coming elite pirates while other guilds merged to form super alliances and some remained as guilds that would stand the test of time.....over time Midoki answered our requests for new content. Daily rewards for being active, Guild in the Spotlight and even trivial questions.... A lot has changed over the years
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    Jeeze I only just pip younger brother.:)
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  3. Great news for loyal players of plunder pirates who have been there from day one, really awesome
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  4. 1300 days or Hall of Fame members, gives more reason for later players to push more on leaderboards in my opinion to get the next pirate hall triggered earlier... think about it ;)
  5. Hopefully they fix the ranking system in the new update. At minimum the plus or minus should be based on the highest rank player has achieved and not get a big loss because they have dropped rank to farm. Make it more difficult for those that drop to get back up.
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    I hope so too, something has to be done... 1. the possibility to get your lost PR back with a revenge on that player, an eye for an eye ;), he takes maybe 10PR with 2 stars, you get it back and more if you do 3 stars...and not looking what PR he/she has and yourself

    So many maxed players are also playing on purpose with a lower PR, because it is much more "peaceful" between 600-850 PR, it can take hours before you get attacked with that PR, even your storage's are full and no Plundertime :D...over 900 and 1k+ it needs not much time(read minutes) and you are under attack...

    The system needs a BUG FIX. ;)

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