Release 2.5.0 - New defense levels

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Admin [Midoki], Feb 24, 2016.

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    Pirate Hall level 10 new defence levels:

    • Mortars level 12
    • Bunkers level 4
    • Gun Tower level 12
    • Cannon level 16
    • Ground Pounder level 4
    • Flame Gate level 4
    • Walls levels 14 & 15

    New Pirate skills in the Academy for all units

    New Voodoo Pirate - the Ghastly Gunner. Unlocked at Voodoo Hut level 4.

    Rebalancing: Bomber has had their Wallbreaker skills increased

    New event system:
    This will be a generic event system, where the player can earn event tokens for completing various actions. The first event type is based around exploration. The player will earn tokens for exploring and various exploration based actions.
    • New event button appears when event is active.
    • Main hub screen showing event progress.
    • Unique FAQ for the current event type.
    • Claim reward screen. (You can also claim rewards during the event for the hub screen)
    • Tutorials for events
    • First event planned to be starting in March
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