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  1. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Halloween seasonal skins for the Legendary Pirates, with buffs!
    • Halloween loading screen
    • Second Exploration map added - the Eastern Seas!
    • Ship levels 6 and 7
    • Lighthouse levels 5 and 6
    • Exploration reward rebalancing: Drop rate of Voodoo Masks increased, rewards for 4* and 5* monsters tweaked.
    • Legendary Fort levels 4, 5 and 6
    • Fix for Ching Shih interfering with gunner and heavy gunner behaviour when under her commanding shout and her target was destroyed while she was attacking a wall.
    • Legendary rebalancing: Blackbeard’s ‘No Quarter’ ability now has improved damage
    • Dual power button for Black Bart
    • Jail and post-battle audio added for Tinto, Jeanne and BlackBart
    • Legendary 3D model visible when active on results screen.
    • Witch Doctor AI tweaked so that behaviour for lone Witch Doctors is similar to the pre-1.9 AI.
    • Flags: Costa Rica and Peru added, and Cornwall has returned
    • Fixed an issue with chest reward on streak results screen.
    • Fixed issues on the buff fruit machine screen.
    • Fixed issues on streak results UI for Italian
    • Animated sequences for Streak Buffs after battles (existing ones will decrement Battle count, slide down vertically when expired. New ones slide in from the right). Tapping the screen will abort the animations and jump to final state of the buffs.
    • Fixed Android back button functionality on the shop
    • Fixed issues with continuing streaks with no donations left or exhausted legendary pirates.
    • Fixed translated streak bands in all languages.
    • Fixed popup conflict issues (offer, rumble started, trade ship arrived, resume streak, etc)
    • Fixed some streak buff descriptions.
    • Prevent legendary exhausted island attacked popup appearing when the fort in not destroyed.
    • The chat system has been modified to fix a few issues. This needs thorough re-testing.
    • The iOS news is now loaded using the same mechanism as Android. This should fix caching issues.
    • Re-arm all button added to Pirate Hall for mines, mystic mines, PH9 and flame gates
    • Fixed Legendary Pirate defence buff UI - defence buffs now display the correct values, previously bugged defences now working correctly.
    • Attempting to Revenge an opponent no longer breaks shield if the opponent is unavailable to attack (either shielded or online)
    • Rumbles
    • New scoring system. Now uses ‘Plunder Points’ rather than BP.
    • All Rumble-related screens (leaderboards/rumble results/guild members) now show the Plunder Points laurel graphic instead of BP.
    • New UI showing Plunder Points available on pre-fight screen, and Plunder Points won on post-fight screen.
    • Bug with Rumble Leaderboards is now fixed - rolling leaderboards to show collective points of top guilds over the previous seven days (was previously showing highest score)
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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member


    3rd November - fixed bug with general matchmaking that was allowing players to attack islands several levels lower than their own. Pirate Hall range is now locked so that a player will only be offered bases that are up to two Pirate Halls lower, and three Pirate Hall levels higher. Matchmaking Pirate Rank bands have also been widened. These changes will:

    • Prevent lower Pirate Hall level/newer players from being farmed by much higher level players
    • Give lower Pirate Hall players more appropriate bases to attack
    • Improve the matchmaking pool for players of a high Pirate Rank, giving them a much wider range of opponents.

    6th November -

    • Rumble Rivals now adhere to normal matchmaking parameters
    • Guild's Rumble scores now orders guild members according to their Plunder Points (it was previously still ordering in terms of BP)
    9th November -

    • Fixed bug with streak buffs not decrementing correctly

    12th November -

    • Fixed exploit in streaks - disconnecting during a streak will no longer allow an increase the win total. The only exception is on victories that award a chest.

    24th November -
    • Thief's cooldown timer temporarily increased to 60 seconds in order to counter an exploit - this will be reduced back down to 30 seconds in the next update along with a fix for the exploit

    1st December -

    • Temporarily removed 'Who Goes There?' cooldown reduction buff from the Streak Buff pool, due to exploit. It will return in the next update.
    • Implemented server-side fix to prevent Outfit exploit - attempting to wear an Outfit you don't known will result in disconnections from the server.
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