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Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Admin [Midoki], Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Added Legendary Pirates

    Added Legendary Pirate Outfits

    Added 6 new reward chests

    Added Silo building (3 levels)

    Added new Trade Ship and Legendary Fort (3 levels)

    Added 12 materials, from common to Rare, Legendary and Epic

    New levels of Stonemason, Observatory, Mystic Mine, Mine, Flame Gate and Ground Pounder

    Level 3 Ground Pounder now has adjustable range

    Exploration sea battle rewards reworked and rebalanced - now drops chests and materials in addition to gold, grog, EP and BP

    Fix for Brute’s face

    Active Legendary Pirate is visible on Legendary Fort

    Unique defensive buffs for each Legendary Pirate

    Legendary pirates unique power abilities when attacking base

    Legendary pirate tracker - hit portrait button to move camera to them

    Legendary flurry attacks : Legendary Pirates string together epic style combos, including ones with a mix of melee and projectile attacks

    Defensive buff radar to see which defensive buffs are currently active

    VFX rework : to prevent effects going missing and getting stuck

    Remix audio of game - to ensure better battle feedback

    Fixed issue with level 11 Mortar knockback

    Fixed audio of defending boats

    Fixed audio of Flame Gates

    Fixed audio of Pirate Hall turrets

    Fixed bug with gem to time curve across the game

    Fixes to various navigation issues related to ships

    Fixes to deploying sky raiders near problematic nav data on ships

    Fixed sailing range issue where the ship couldn’t get to A24 on the map

    Fixed issue where Pirate Catcher perk wasn’t being correctly applied to the rehire button

    Fixed transparency issue on the Gun Tower range indicator

    Fixed issue where guild members’ scores weren’t being displayed on the Rumble scores screen

    Tweaked Rumble matchmaking for more accurate match ups in terms of Pirate Hall levels and guild size

    Gem to time cost lowered for Exploration

    Rebalancing of the Priestess - improved damage and attack speed, slightly faster movement speed and increased toughness, increased range on ‘Nighty Night’

    Rebalancing of mines - levels 3, 4 and 5 now have increased damage

    Added extra tabs on quest screen for errand and guild quests

    Added Top Rumble Guilds tab to leaderboards screen. The player will only appear on this leaderboard if they have performed a rumble

    Fixed the text alignment for guild name, description and message of the day on the guild screens so it now fits properly

    New layout on the guild news tab. Removed achievements, changed the width of the message of the day panel and added a magnify glass icon to bring up the new guild stats pop up

    Added new guild stats pop up. This new pop up shows guild achievements, a list of the officers, and a full roster

    Added a sub tab to the guild roster for the last rumble. This uses the score from the last rumble and sorts the players by that. If a player in the current roster wasn’t in the last rumble it just uses a BP of 0

    Expand guild chat to page in older messages as the player scrolls, up to a maximum of 500.
  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Release 2.0.1 Hotfix

    Witch Doctor immortality bug fixed
    Last Rumble Tab in the guild menu now shows the results from the previous Rumble, not the current one
    Numerous UI fixes, including resource generators showing numbers when collected
    Numerous stability and crash fixes
    Fixes to the Trade Ship and Fort tutorials
    Changes to how the game handles third party advertising servers being unresponsive
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