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    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    • Added Weaponised Pirate Hall 9
    • Rehire pirates directly from the fight results screen.
    • Shark Trap - added
    • Rehire pirates on donate pirates screen.
    • Fixed crash with leaderboards on slow network connections.
    • Friend leaderboards now update when you sign into Facebook, regardless of which sign in button you press (i.e on or off the leaderboard screen).
    • Fixed endless loading when trying to fight with no gold or gems (also applies to selecting next fight).
    • Fight results screen now uses new pop up shop. If you don’t have enough gems rather than returning to the main game state it now brings up a pop up that lets you buy gems without dropping out of the fight results flow.
    • Tavern recruit pirates screen now uses the new pop up shop. If you try to reduce the recruit time with gems and you have no gems it takes you to a pop up store with just gems in it. If you don’t have enough grog to recruit a pirate it takes you to the shop with just grog in it, and if you don’t have gems to buy grog it shows the gems in the shop.
    • Also added new pop up shop to the following screens:- errands, exploration, unit skills, logbook, guild, select fight, donate troops and create guild.
    • Added in new objects: goldmine 12, gold storage 11, grog mine 12, grog storage 11, tavern 9, voodoo academy 5, academy 8, mortar 11, cannon 15, defence tower 11, walls 12 and 13, blacksmith 4, pirate catcher 4, training ground 2, guild hall 5.
    • Changed the underlying defence aiming code.
    • Added notification for Rumble Started, Finished and Finishing Soon.
    • Button icons shown on selected base objects are now arranged in an arc pattern.
    • Added new mid game tutorial pop ups for Facebook sign in and Facebook invite friends.
    • Moved the Surrender/Finish buttons up slightly so that it’s not as close to the Donated Pirates UI on the smaller devices (e.g. iPhone 4).
    • Skellywags now have their own corpse model, allowing for easier identification when choosing when to resurrect with the Witch Doctor
    • Friend referral system.
    • Added gem assist to clear debris.
    Added the following Pirate Skills:
    • Buccaneer - Angry Again. Increases the length of the Berserk power.
    • Gunner - Eagle Eye. Increases the damage done when Focused Fire is active.
    • Paratroopers - Gives them the Berserk power (same as the Buccaneer’s power).
    • Bomber - Incendiary. Causes more damage to objects.
    • Juggernaut - Splash Damage. Now stacks.
    • Witch Doctor - They Live! Increases the range of the “2nd chance” power.
    • Skellywags - Stun Deflection. Now stacks.
    • Priestess - Lullaby. Increases the stun times of the EMP Power.
    • Juggernaut - Demo Expert. Jug will not get damaged by the detonating trap that it’s currently disarming (or running to disarm). However all other Pirates can still be damaged by it. Also the Jug can get damaged by a trap that he’s not either disarming or moving towards to disarm.
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