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Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Admin [Midoki], May 21, 2015.

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    Rumbles added!

    Rumble UI populated using cached data when user re-enters Guild screen or re-selects ‘scores’ for a member.

    Rumble UI indicates that a late-joining player (became Guild member after Rumble started) won’t contribute to the Rumble, or receive any rewards.

    Added language support for iOS (so that app store shows them all).

    Increased size of chat box from 32 to 64 entries.

    The create guild and edit guild screens have have been tweaked (and made into a separate screen, no longer in the main guild screen code).

    The create guild button now shows the cost.

    Increased the display size of the guild name so it now longer clips.

    Fixed animation on pulsing buttons, so it no longer stops pulsing when holding and moving your finger off it.

    Fixed issues with cancelling exploration when in the main state and returning to explore state.

    The facebook bar (leaderboards and join guild screens) is no longer part of the scrolling list and is now always shown at the bottom on the screen.

    Fixed crash bugs when exiting out of a screen when on a slow internet connection. This affected screens that requested search results which took time to return (i.e. guild and leaderboard screens).

    Player profile now appears when user taps player name on Main, Exploration and Visit screens.

    Errands - improved some server code to stop issues.

    Replays - improved after checks for desyncs.

    More flags - Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Guatemala, Maldives, Panama, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkmenistan.
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