Release 1.7.0 Errands

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    Errands added

    Build Guild Hall for free from Pirate Hall 1 onwards.

    Improved Guild flow (i.e. user experience from building guild hall to joining a guild).

    Creating a Guild now costs gold.

    Message now displayed when attempting to request Pirates And the Guild Ship is full.

    Now displays “Most Popular” and “Best Value” on the gem packs.

    Change way the donated Pirates active their powers. It’s now done with the donated pirates themselves.

    Pirates judge distances better resulting in an improved target choice.

    Cowardly pirates are now prevented from running back to their boats and fleeing battle.

    Fixed issue with criss-cross path-planning.

    Prevent rare instance when pirates might off and vanish.

    Fixed issues with floating guild ship pirates in edit mode.

    Allow more than four witch doctors to collaborate when protecting.

    Fixed glitches in stun behaviour.

    Prevent boats floating in replays.

    Auto-reporting of divergent replays.

    Prevent defences fixating on dead pirates.

    Hit points on defences lowered slightly.
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