Release 1.6.0 Guild updates

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Admin [Midoki], Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Removed CNY features

    Removed Ching Shih

    Added Troop Donations

    Added Player statistics screen

    Added Ability to Visit, Invite, Promote, Demote, Kick and Nudge from the numerous player lists (including Chat).

    Display who kicked/promoted/demoted players in the guild chat

    Added Belarus, Albania, Jordan, Kurdistan, Syria and Libya flags

    Fixed issues with displaying defences during visiting enemy bases

    Fixed issue with perk contributions resetting when perk activates

    Guild Captain can nudge an inactive player via a push notification

    Percentage that a player can steal from gold/grog mines/storage now depends on the level of that mine/storage

    Balanced hit points of defences

    Fixed issue with multi-wall selection

    Fixed Flame Gate display issue

    Training Ground text corrected for all languages
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