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    Added Chinese New Year.

    Added Ching Shih Legendary Pirate.

    Added new Imperial, merchant, dragon and pirate map event ships for Chinese New Year.

    New Chinese New Year loading screen.

    Added new Pirate Hall upgrade level (8) which unlocks a whole set of new buildings.
    • Wall Level 10 & 11
    • Cannon Level 14
    • Academy Level 7
    • Mortar Level 10
    • Mine Level 4
    • Gun Tower Level 10
    • Mystic Mortar Level 3
    • Ground Pounder Level 2
    • One additional Gun Tower
    • One additional Bunker
    • One additional Ground Pounder
    • 25 extra walls
    • Voodoo Hut Level 4
    • Guild Hall Level 4
    • Stone Masons Level 3 (unlocked in Guild Hall 4)
    • Pirate Catcher Level 3 (unlocked in Guild Hall 4)
    • NEW Training Ground Level 1 (unlocked in Guild Hall 4)
    Changed unlock structure on some objects
    Pirate Hall 3
    • Pirate Catcher Level 1 (now unlocked earlier with Guild Hall 2)
    Pirate Hall 4
    • NEW object Flame Gate Level 1
    Pirate Hall 5
    • Pirate Catcher Level 2 (unlocked in Guild Hall 3)
    Pirate Hall 6
    • NEW object Flame Gate Level 2
    Make Chat window simpler.

    Revised Night-time lighting & added in automatic light change.

    Added settings option to disable night-time lighting.

    Added New Skills for Pirates.
    • Brute: ‘Bullet Shield’ passive skill - the amount of damage taken during ‘Bring it On’ is reduced
    • Thief: Her base damage has been boosted, and ‘Light Touch’ means that she remains invisible for a short period of time during ‘Who Goes There’, even when under fire.
    • Juggernaut: ‘Super Strike’ special ability - he temporarily sacrifices personal safety for a massive damage boost (increases damage at the cost of a reduction in toughness)
    • Skellywag: The new special ability ‘Marrow Shield’ reduces damage taken temporarily. ‘Power of Voodoo’ passive skill allows the Skellywag to be resurrected as a Skellywag with 50% health, instead of a mere skeleton.
    • Priestess: Not only has 'Nighty Night’ had its range increased, but her new skill 'Long Arm of the Loa’ increases the range even further
    • Heavy Gunner: Range and damage increased
    Witch Doctor now protects other units during an exploration event (more likely to succeed with Witch Doctors as part of the ship's crew).

    Reduced recruitment times and costs for certain pirates

    Added upgrade level for the Pirate Catcher.

    A whole multitude of bug fixes, general improvements and optimisations!
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