Release 1.4.0 Post Winter Wonderland

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by Admin [Midoki], Jan 26, 2015.

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    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Removed All Xmas reference.
    Please Note: If you have Santa he will stay (and be visible within the Tavern) until he’s deployed within a fight or killed during an Exploration.

    Removed Popping Present trap from Shop.

    Changed the way Facebook logs in and gems will now be awarded for using the system.

    Added A confirmation popup when pressing “Store All” button in edit mode.

    Changed Log Settings screen to use a scrollable array.

    Global and Guild leaderboards now highlight the player (in red). If the player/guild is outside the leaderboard, it is shown at the bottom of the screen.

    Added the inclusion of a URL link button on a news item.

    Added a localised leaderboard (there is a bug where the visited base doesn't always match the one tapped on, this is fixed in the next update)
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