Release 1.3.5 Winter Wonderland

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    Added Santabrutenclaws and elves.

    New Winter versions of some of the decorative objects.

    New Winter corner frame models.

    New Winter debris models.

    Added snow roofs and decorations to all the town halls, academies and taverns.

    Added new night lighting mode.

    Added falling snow.

    Added new map events -- Ice Ship, Festive Fish, Santa's Ship.

    Added new Popping Present.

    Added Winter music.

    Added “new member” icon when member joined guild within 3 days.

    Improved clarity of Guild invite messages (can now see exactly who sent it and that it’s a guild invite message).

    Improved the Reward message so that the player can see exactly what they’re getting (e.g. number of gems, etc.).

    Added ‘backers’ screen, to display guild perk contribution breakdown.

    Slightly increased toughness of Sky Raider.

    Added 2 new bomb trap levels

    More flags - EU, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile, Uzbekistan, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Catalonia, Isle of Man, Iraq, Kuwait, Tunisia, Lebanon, French Polynesia, Macau, Palestine, Romania

    Added the night time window lights.

    Added automatic day/night cycle (goes dark 20 minutes to the hour and goes back to day on the hour).

    Added name change functionality to settings screen

    Added mine re-arming.

    Added Level 2 and 3 Mine Traps.

    Added Facebook Login and Invite banner to all the leaderboards.

    Fixed animation and audio glitches when units are killed while already dying.

    Improved cross-platform mathematics to reduce / eliminate divergence of replays.

    Fixed rare teleport issue caused by path planning on a destroyed base tile.

    Fixed issue with Juggernauts disarming traps meant for Frankenbrutenstein.

    Fixed an issue which sometimes made small objects difficult to move.

    Fixed Gold Hunter quest.

    Fixed stun mortar upgrade UI bar.

    Sorting guild chat messages to handle out of order bug.

    Fix for Academy floating button appearing incorrectly.

    Fixed for creating multiple builders huts.

    Changed perk detail - contribution%.

    Changed settings screen.

    Made the Pirate “expert” skills (cannon, gun tower, mortar, wall, gold and grog) stack rather than simply use the last one. This is particularly pertinent for the Sky Raider who stacks several Cannon Crusher skills.

    Added additional “expert” skills for Bunker, Artillery Cannon and Stun Mortar (currently not used by any pirates).

    Edit mode implemented.

    Made the EditMode Storage bar transparent.

    Added initial tutorial for EditMode (should handle remembering across multiple devices).

    When placing object from EditMode player can now cancel or accept the action (should not be able to add any more objects or save the current layout until the object has either been accepted or cancelled).

    When placing a wall from EditMode will try to place another wall piece (of same level) if one is in storage.

    Added localisation.

    Limited rebuild time after attacked.
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