Release 1.3.3 Post Halloween

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    Removed Halloween - Can still use Frankenbrutenstein and Pumpkin bombs if players have them

    Sky Raider now available

    Wall manipulation - Use the 'row' button to select, move and upgrade entire wall sections

    Tweaked Observatory funding cost

    Lowered BP cost of Academy levels 1 and 2

    Fixed Facebook connectivity

    Added Pirate Catcher Guild perk building

    Fixed Guild chat slider/button problems

    Fixed Exploration percentage rounding inconsistency

    Fixed chat window getting stuck

    Fix for connectivity issues during battle start. Game now ends battle without penalty to the attacker if it encounters an error.

    Further AI fixes

    Fixes to mortar knockback to prevent units going through walls

    Fixes to stuck AI : particularly juggernauts and elite gunners

    Available loot is scaled when fighting a player with a lower level pirate hall

    Increased pool of players available for matchmaking against. Now players who have logged in within the last 28 days can be matchmaked against (previously this was 7 days)

    In-app purchase deals

    Added support to link together game accounts that have shared the same game center id (for customer support purposes)

    Bug fix for losing battles when player has poor network connectivity

    ‘Plunder Cam’ now available in Battle replays

    Replay ‘Plunder Cam’ has been improved to provide a better view of the action

    Increased Level 2 Stonemason perk from +300 to +400 on walls
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