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  1. Admin [Midoki]

    Admin [Midoki] Administrator Staff Member

    Added Frankenbrutenstein

    Added Halloween Icon

    Added Halloween Loading screen

    Added Ghost and Bat as Island characters

    Added Pumpkin Bomb

    Decorated island with pumpkins

    Added additional Halloween lighting (toggled via Pumpkin)

    Added Witchy Squid, Bone Ship, Behemoth Bat and Pumpkin Ship to the exploration map

    Fixed Skellywag’s “Stun Deflection” skill

    Added additional Levels for Stun Mortar and Bunker

    Many minor localisation fixes

    UI fix for Academy upgrade screen

    UI text width limit when attacking player with wide name

    UI text placement fixes to ensure readable Asian language strings

    Fixed chat window in exploration - closed when selecting events

    Fixed hiding of UI when cancelling exploration.

    Moved decorations costing gems to front of list in shop

    Improved cleaner ‘Plunder Cam’ mode

    ‘Plunder Cam’ can now be activated even when Pirate Hall is upgrading

    Improved Metal rendering performance

    Improved frame rate on all devices

    Increased water resolution on some devices

    Added a progress bar to the main loading screen

    Added percentage complete on the exploration map

    Reduced app size

    Fixed graphical error on First Mate model

    Added additional country flags to the Flag Pole decoration.

    Flags added - Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Bahamas, UAE, Ukraine, Vietnam, Wales

    Fixed crash when stunning resurrected troopers

    Fixed problem with Facebook login sometimes getting stuck.

    Fixed Exploration de-sync when returning Pirates

    Fixed problem with Corrupt Guild details

    Fixed URL encoding of customer support email

    Added Guild name to support email

    Made buildings selectable when visiting bases

    Fixed spurious quest notifications

    Added exploration total explored bar

    Batch up exploration & Base object move commands so atomic

    Optimised AI

    Added news Notification badge

    Fixed Mortar knockback going through walls

    Fixed another AI problem where knocked back Pirates stopped fighting

    Added in further Exploration Events

    Added in Quests for Exploration Events

    Fixed Notifications for iOS8

    No longer see Bomb traps when visiting a base via the Guild.

    Bomber now only explodes when they have the “Dead Man’s trigger” skill
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