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Discussion in 'General Improvements' started by Kelani, Dec 2, 2014.

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  1. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    General Improvements Feature Requests - Master List
    Please check this list in EACH subforum before submitting a new feature!
    To report any errors on this master list, please send a private message to the maintainer.
    Last Post Checked: {Add Passed-over Counter}

    Features are listed from highest to lowest priority, based on likes/member discussion.
    ===================[Proposed Features]======================

    Make gold/grog collect icons appear less often, and add a "Collect from All" ability.

    Status: Proposed
    Collector icons appear roughly every 5 minutes, which is too frequent, especially on bases with 10-14 collectors. These icons make it difficult to see, select and move elements of your base.
    Notes: Also needed: A Collect from All feature. Either add a new CFA button when tapping a collector, or allow a tap and hold, or double-tap on any collector icon to perform multi-collection.
    Added: Dec 2, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Some Submenus still not returning to the previous screen.
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Most submenus now return you to the previous screen, but some were missed.
    -After viewing an island from another guild's roster, you should return to that Guild roster, instead of the Search screen -with the search results gone, also.
    Added: Jan 4, 2015 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Increase the size of ingame text

    Status: Proposed
    Description: Most of the ingame text is too small, even for people with good vision. Most in need of improvement: Chat text, Build timers need to be bolder, details text needs to be larger.
    Dec 2, 2014 Submitted By: @McDuff11

    When viewing an island, show the country when selecting their flagpole

    Status: Proposed
    Most people aren't familiar with the flags of other countries. Allow selecting the flagpole to see which country that player is from.
    Added: Dec 2, 2014 Submitted By: @Tex-n-OC

    Cancelling troop hire needs confirmation, or limit cancel to the minus button

    Status: Proposed
    Description: It is too easy to accidentally cancel troop training in the tavern, because tapping anywhere on the pirate's portrait will cancel the troop. At higher levels, this is very expensive. Either add a confirmation, or make it so the cancellation requires tapping the small minus button in the top corner of the pirate's portrait.
    Dec 2, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Make single player missions (Pirate Islands, Strongholds) regenerate.
    Status: Planned (per Chris [Midoki])
    Description: Allow stronghold gold/grog to replenish over time, and destroyed strongholds to respawn.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @ferretbusiness

    Adjust Times and Transitions From Day to Night
    Status: Proposed
    Description: The transition times between night and day are too short, and the duration of each cycle needs to be tweaked. Recommended: 1h Day, 30m Twilight, 1h Night, 30m Dawn
    Added: Dec 26, 2014 Submitted By: @Bear

    Allow Troop Queueing in the Tavern
    Status: Planned
    Description: Provide a way to train a backup crew of troops while raiding.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Gangrene Beard

    Allow players to name their ships
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow us to name and rename our ship.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Resis Mortis

    Traps should be automatically reset for any successive raids
    Status: Proposed
    Description: After mines and traps are triggered by an attack, they should reset for any successive attacks.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Black_beard

    Allow seeing the ranges of all defenses at once.

    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow seeing the red firing range indicator for all defenses at once. This would be useful to help identify under/over-defended areas.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Denis

    Disallow landlocked ships
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Landlocked ships are not keeping with the spirit of pirate island design.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @DobleTippen1st

    Allow Rocky Outcrops to have a small chance to produce gems
    Status: Proposed
    Description: When clearing obstacles, allow a change to find gems. Same with gold mining.
    Notes: Also suggested: Allow Mines to have a chance to produce gems.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Beecup , @GetRekked

    Add more daily gem and resource rewards.

    Status: Proposed
    Description: Boost the payout amount and frequency for these awards.
    Notes: Also add a Collect All button on the map when there are rewards available for collection.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @BlizZaRd MoDz

    Allow conversion of your own resources, ex: 150k gold for 100k grog
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow players to convert one resource to another, with a 25-50% penalty
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Remember your island's rotation and zoom setting.

    Status: Proposed
    Description: Have the game auto-save your island's current rotation and zoom view when you tap the Plunder icon, and restore it when you return.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Increase gem cost for Shields, to prevent abuse
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Shields should be more expensive, to prevent abuse.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @poo

    Disallow all PvP attacks for 5 mins. after Maintenance
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Disallow attacks for a few minutes after maintenance ends, to allow players time to reconnect.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Denis

    Show how much loot is plunderable from your island in the resources tooltips.
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Add plunderable loot amount to the tooltips accessed by tapping your Gold/Grog count at top left. Example:
    Capacity: 4,4451,500
    Production Rate: 29,000/hr
    Plunderable: 1,500,000

    Added: Dec 26, 2014 Submitted By: @Captain MetaTauta

    Allow Opt-in or out for selected push notifications
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow us to choose which Push notifications we receive.
    Added: Dec 4, 2014 Submitted By: @Rowan Weismiller

    Use Branching upgrades for buildings/boats
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow us to choose upgrades to specialize buildings and ships for certain purposes, i.e. better attack, defense, range.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @post cava
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
  2. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Increase the length of time your attack/defensive logs are saved
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Save attack and defensive logs for a longer time. Ideally until the player has been inactive for a long time. Saving replays would also be nice.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Show player and guild leaderboard rank on guild tab, even if below Top 100
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Currently the only way you know where you or your guild rank globally is if you're one of the top 200 Players or Top 100 guilds, but what about everyone else? There's no way to know exactly where you stand in Pirate Land.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Gangrene Beard

    Allow toggling off all icons shown above buildings.
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow players to selectively disable icons above ship and buildings: Gold/Grog collect, Academy/Hut Train, Tavern Recruit, Unit Recall from ship.
    Notes: To remove Unit Recall, yet still allow it from town, show the flag on the explore map, and allow tapping your ship while docked to display a button to recall troops. This also addresses the problem of accidental troop recall replacing tavern troops.
    Added: Jan 7, 2015 Submitted By: @Lord Gin

    Show total number of Attacks, Passes and Revenges on Defensive Log
    Status: Proposed
    Description: On the defensive log, show a PlunderScore: count of how many times your island has been attacked, revenged, and viewed but passed over. Also, show the cumulative count, as well as the count since upgrading to the current PH level.
    Added: Dec 13, 2014 Submitted By: @Barbados

    Allow players to delete their islands and start over

    Status: Proposed
    Description: Since there are several poisonous troop upgrades which can severely affect the player's enjoyment and success playing the game, allow them at least one chance to scrap their island and start over.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Add a Holiday-Themed Stronghold in each Holiday Update
    Status: Proposed
    Description: In each Holiday theme update, add a special map stronghold based on that theme for players to fight.
    Added: Dec 29, 2014 Submitted By: @Tex-n-OC

    Add more mini-games to pass time while waiting on builds, or when offline
    Status: Proposed
    Description: See thread for examples.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Dario Viva

    Make Plundercam available when viewing other players islands.
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow plundercam mode when viewing other players' islands.
    Added: Jan 5, 2015 Submitted By: @Black Bill

    Increase the buildable area for player islands
    Status: Proposed
    Description:Increase the buildable area, either by enlarging map, or removing obstacles around to perimeter, to open up more tiles.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Captain MetaTauta

    Use Damage per second in pirate/defense stats
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Use the "Damage per second" unit, as it provides more accurate info about actual damage, due to rate of fire and other factors.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @JeffieTD

    Increase the inactivity popup delay by 2-3 minutes
    Status: Proposed
    Description: The timeout before the inactivity popup (3 mins) is a bit too short. This increases unnecessary server disconnect/reconnect traffic, and is an inconvenience to players who are briefly distracted by normal events (phone, bathroom, mother in law). Increase the delay by 1-2 minutes.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Kelani

    Add a tutorial mode, allowing players to test out a fully-upgraded base
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow new players to test out a generic, fully-upgraded base before starting their new island.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Roserio

    Add mermaids in some form (NPC or Pirates)
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Add mermaids in some form. Either as NPC characters, or a new pirate.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @pwrovryou

    Allow adding decorative roads to your island
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Allow adding decorative roads and pathways on your island
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Edward Kenway

    Allow linking your game stats and achievements to your forum page
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Also suggested: Add an API for posting live game stats to a website
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Gangrene Beard and @Flyte

    Show the Cumulative count of Grog spent Recruiting Pirates
    Status: Proposed
    Description: In the tavern, show how much each full army will cost to hire. If a player stats page is ever added, also show the cumulative grog spent hiring pirates.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Tumba

    Add pirate emoticons to the Plunder Pirates Forum
    Status: Proposed
    Description: In addition to the stock phpBB emoticons, add some pirate-themed ones.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @pwrovryou

    Make Gold in storage show 3D detail
    Status: Proposed
    Description: The gold in a player's storage is currently shown as flat 2D. Given the great graphics elsewhere, it looks pretty bad.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @c00ni

    Add weather changes and swimming NPC creatures in the oceans
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Add weather events, and some form of NPCs swimming in the waters around our islands.
    Also suggested: Add Mermaids, and Add a Day/Night mode, sycnced to the player's clock.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @MatthewJames

    Add short-duration world events, e.g. Treasure hunt, uber-creature on the explore map
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Similar to the holiday themed monsters, add shorter duration ones, as well as some kind of treasure hunt (get a reward for following clues, and sailing to a certain map square).
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Razor

    Add Hebrew language option for ingame text
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Add Hebrew language support for ingame text.
    Added: Jan 7, 2015 Submitted By: @Jack Depp

    Make a hero, like the barbarian king or archer queen in CoC
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Add hero pirates, which can be used in PvP and exploration battles.
    Added: Dec 8, 2014 Submitted By: @Rylie

    EP to BP converter
    Status: Proposed
    Description: Awbo mentioned he needs to spend his EP points on something, now it's just taking up important space on his island. Also @Ian uses his EP to counter global warming..
    Added: Sep 12, 2016 Submitted By: @awbo
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2016
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  3. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    ===================[Added/Rejected Features]=======================
    Blue features
    were added in a recent update. Red features will not be added. See Status for details.

    Add Global Chat
    Status: Rejected
    Reason: Legal liability. Minors play, thus global chat must be moderated. This is difficult to implement and needs too many resources; code, hardware and human moderators.
    Description: Global Chat will not be added to Plunder Pirates.
    Submitted By: Multiple

    Boost the Observatory's exploration time benefit; change the funding source.
    Added in v1.3.3
    Description: -10% reduction is too low. Needs to be 15-25%.
    Observatory should not be funded with BP, as it is needed elsewhere, and is difficult to earn.
    We advised funding be 50EP for 5%.
    Funding cost reduced 70% to 15BP for 5%. No other changes were made.

    Add Push Notifications
    Added in v1.3.2 (Halloween)
    Description: Add notifications when ingame events happen.
    Notes: Also suggested: Opt-in for selected push notifications
    Submitted By: @Ismael

    Allow players the option to change their pirate name at least once
    Added in v1.3.5 (Christmas)
    Notes: Players can now change their name for 20 gems. And again, for 5,000 gems (I think).
    Submitted By: @MatthewJames

    Add a Day and Night mode that follows your current time.
    Added in v1.3.5
    Description: Allow a toggleable Day/Night mode that follows the player's local time
    Submitted By: @Bear

    Make placing traps and decorations not require a builder.
    Added in v1.3.5
    Description: Placing and resetting these items no longer requires a builder.
    Submitted By: @googol

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
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