Priestess +2 range? What means that?

Discussion in 'Battle Improvements' started by WOLLIMAUS, Aug 7, 2018.


    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    A guild mate asked that today. His priestess got now the +2 at lvl 35.
    He has the impression that she also stays now farer away from defense. She doesn’t get that near as before. Is that possible?
    I understand the +2 range like that that her stunning radius is(should be bigger), the ability(nighty night), but not that she also stays the +2 farer away from defense targets.
    Or is it both now, farer away and bigger stunning radius? I haven’t noticed anything myself... i am happy to get her triggered near the defense before she is dead :D

    And this is a urgent question from me ;). A fast response from Midokis developers would be very appreciated :)

    @Lynsey [Midoki]
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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Range refers to her standard attack. She will stand further back, as she'll stop and start shooting as soon as her target gets into range (and with longer range, that means she can start shooting further out, and hopefully avoid less of the damage which should be being drawn by tank units such as Juggernauts, Brutes, certain Legendary Pirates, or high HP melee such as Skellywags).

    Her special ability (Nighty Night) has a range boost earlier down called 'Long Arm of the Loa', so it should be the case that defences should still be in range of her special ability, even with her standing further back, as her ability range is quite a bit bigger than her standard range. However, if people are finding that this isn't the case, I'd be happy to take another look and see if her ability range needs rejigging.
  3. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Yes, please check it out. During attacks, I usually need to wait until she is quite close before using her ability, for full effect. I may not upgrade that final level if she stands further back to I don’t tend to use the priestess for her shooting ability :rolleyes::oops:.
    Perhaps add one more level to extend the Long Arm? :)
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  4. Heatmiser4

    Heatmiser4 Crew

    I agree with @MorganFlint about the need for extending the nightly night ability. Many of us were excited for the +2 range boost thinking it referred to her ability. We have become accustomed to using her in battles and waiting for her to get in range with the ph11 training. The fact that she now takes longer to move in close may not always be an advantage. I have been finding her less effective since this upgrade. :(
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    i am not sure yet do i like it or not.... i just maxing her out now and will see in a few days how it works with that last level ability o_O

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