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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sea Patriot, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Connection Issues Continue to Persist, Why?

    From upgrading a building, defense, generator, etc to completing a successful attack.

    UPGRADES: It is extremely frustrating logging back in to see an upgrade we spent precious gems and countless raids streaking and rumbling to fund. And find out the upgrade simply didn’t replicate, we get raided and now lack the loot to do the upgrade(s) all over again. Myself and other guild mates have noticed this happen and also to our surprise, there’s little to no pirates in our Tavern. Yes, I did submit a trouble ticket with no luck, it often seems there’s little to no support in this issue.

    ATTACKS: So excited to 1, 2, or even 3 Star that formidable enemy; then, pirates keep jumping up and down for a more than usual amount of time, and then.... you see that annoying loss of connection display. Or same winning outcome (or losses alike) and pirates go around continuing to loot, destroy buildings and get the loss of connection display.
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    Ditto. Has become quite noticeable lately. Seems especially prone to happen (hired troops for tavern, started an upgrade, etc), if you log off within a few minutes of the action.
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    after "watching" some ads... claim reward.... u see the grog or gold is added... right after that "lost connection" window pops up ... u log back in, because u have no other chance and the reward is gone again :mad: reported that too.... but videos are not made by Midoki so ... not much they can do about :(
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