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Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by psechi, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. psechi

    psechi Powder Monkey

    In our guild we have been having the discussion of what constitutes an active player in terms of guild recruitment and such. Our guild is the awesomest bestest radical group of excellence ever assembled in the history of PIRACY!!! (so if the numbers don't match your guild, well, do your own stats)

    Anyhow, here are the numbers I ran:

    ph days in attacks rumbles ave score
    Mean ===> 8.625 345.775 2539.275 37.275 5374.7

    And the only thing that really matters is:
    APD ===> 7.343720628 (Attacks Per Day)

    That is the value that counts. Why? Well, we all take breaks, and have splurge days. Or some just systematically leave the ipad sitting there, dedicated to PP for hours... Either way, after playing this game for months, and getting over the frustration with guilds/rumbles/farming/gems/recruitment/crashing... well, you get the idea. If a player is still in the game having fun, most likely their APD will be somewhere in the range of 3 - 15 or so.

    Our average player is PH 9, playing for almost a year, attacking 50 times per week, and pulling a couple thousand in the rumbles. Although personally, I don't put much weight on the rumbles when looking at activity. My first three guilds never even bothered with a single rumble (thanks Hak and BB for taking me!)... so some new members might be lacking there.

    So, last thought... After looking at who we really are, I don't think someone is going to engage in our guild and stay unless they are in this range already. PH 8 or 9, active, and been around for half a year, dealt with pushing the upgrades and such.

    Please comment on what you use for recruiting and kicking in your guilds! And any ideas for a 'standard' that is useful besides APD...

  2. psechi

    psechi Powder Monkey

    Argh... formatting...

    Mean vals
    ph 8.625
    days in 345.775
    attacks 2539.275
    rumbles 37.275
    ave score 5374.7
  3. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I look at wins per day rather than attacks per day when screening applicants, and anyone under 5 is unlikely to be active enough unless their other stats are really good.

    Time played, PH level and wins per day are definitely the first things I look at.

    Average rumble score can't be too low (we have a 1000 absolute minimum at the moment but I like to see a bit higher than that)

    If their donations are terrible that's a red flag, but this only gets a quick glance.

    Time played vs how upgraded they are is very important. A ph7 thats been playing 400 days probably won't get in, a ph7 that's been playing for only 30 probably will get in.
  4. John56

    John56 First Mate

    To me that sounds fairly boring, most of your players must be maxed or near maxed if they are PH9's with nearly a year of playing on average, especially if you are not specifically built for rumbling.
    With everyone grinding for walls and searching for materials for Legendaries because there is nothing else to do until PH10 comes out, do you lose players who are bored with the game?

    We have a mix of most PH levels from 4 on up; active players who enjoy the game and chat are what we are looking for. Several of us started around the same time so are just approaching high PH8 now at 120 days in; and are happy to give advice and donate troops to the newer players, just as was done for us when we started. We rumble twice a week, so our Captain established minimums for Rumble scores, based on PH level. If you can't meet that (entirely attainable) minimum, we ask the player to move to our non-rumbling sister guild.
    Otherwise, as Skye said we look at donations, time playing against PH level and attacks. However, a player who is a PH7 after 30 days with low attacks probably wouldn't make the cut, as their Academy level is likely too low for their PH level, which becomes very obvious in Rumble scoring now.
  5. Cap'nSmellyBeard

    Cap'nSmellyBeard First Mate

    I don't really look at PH level, I look at how long they haven't been on(me no likey inactivity!) I probebly should start looking at how many times they attack and do perks
  6. psechi

    psechi Powder Monkey

    Yeah, the issue was brought up about how upgraded vs. length of time in game. But someone could have started early on, then dropped the game for a while. And the wins vs. attacks is probably good, but the APD vs. wins per day will tell the same if the player has been in for more than a few months.

    I guess the reason it's more problematic now for recruiting is the new rumble scoring seems to lean heavily towards having PH 9 dominated guilds, even though match making is supposedly equitable.

    My preference would be to have a clear statement for the active rumbling guild that we kick anyone who hasn't been on in the last X days, knowing that they are welcome back or in the sister guilds any time. But, probably impossible to kick your friends, so we either have more fun socially, or climb the ladder.

    However, some feel that it would be fine to accept lower levels and let them grow in the rumbling guild. I think that's great, just feel like they might be uncomfortable in that mix of "bored PH 9's" who are storing unopened chests and endlessly sailing in search of the elusive <sic> silver/iron/gunpowder/sharktooth now that the item economy is busted. (rant rant rant) But if any pirate captain is active, welcome aboard! Hence the slight confusion about what stats defines active.

    Thanks for the discussions so far!

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