Pirate Hall 1 & 2 Beginners Guide!

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by White Wyvern, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Struggling in the Beginning of the game? Here are a few tips to help get your Ship sailin'!

    1. Humble Begginings- As soon as you are past the loading screen you are on a small island which has been damaged by a lightning storm, Follow the tutorial until you get to the point in which you battle an enemy pirate base, Try to use as minimum pirates as possible, this way your pirates that weren't deployed will be still in your tavern and ready for the next battle.

    2. Gems- gems are Definitely a valuable resource, which means you must spend them wisely! Sure its tempting to rush that buccaneer upgrade of yours but plan ahead! I Recommend using all gems for builder hits and saving for them when you don't have enough. You start off with enough gems for the first builders hut so you'll be able to purchase that straight away! There are 4 builders huts available in-game so make sure you purchase them!

    3. Building and Upgrading-

    This is very vital and can be the difference of being a captain or a cabin boy, building and upgrading things, and the order in which these should be done in. These are some buildings and things you should upgrade with high priority and should be bought as soon as given the option to do so in order from most important to the least:

    (Remember, all the following buildings are for pirate hall 1 and 2, Plus, the perk buildings should be bought upgraded depending on wether your guild needs them)




    Gold and Grog storages

    Grog distillery's and Gold mines

    Gun tower


    Pirate Hall

    This ofcourse means that once everything is ipgraded to the point where you must upgrade your pirate hall to go any further, the. You should upgrade your pirate hall, Otherwise known as "Maxing your base" , this is something that many fail to do in these type of games and will provide good in the long run if you do so!

    4. Battle strategy- every true pirate keeps in mind a good battle strategy! One of the most Recomended for this pirate hall level is what I like to call, Runnin' and Gunnin', which basically means all gunners. This might not be too effective but when upgraded they can absolutely devastate bases! Plus earning your gold and grog is quite difficult, so I Reccomend attacking high leveled bases with exposed storages, meaning you can take all their bounty, but lose battle points, unfortunately thats a price ya have to pay to become a pro!

    5. Exploring- there isn't too much to discuss here, all I can reccomend is to let your pirates explore while you are having a session away from the game (Sleep, Dinner, Road Trip, Visit etc.) so your pirates can be active while your gone!

    6. Base layout- The key to keeping all your resources is to have a mighty defense! Ofcourse this is why you should make sure your defences are maxed for your Pirate Halls level but you should also keep in mind a good layout is recommended too! Here's a few tips:

    Active ship- make sure your ship has a vital piece of your base in range so that it can stop pirates from attacking those vital parts of your base (Eg. Pirate hall+Defences)

    Sneaky huts- Be a sly dog wont'cha? And place those builder huts or any other passive buildings (buildings that have no effect when defending against the enemy) this way, people might not see those huts in the corner and attack you, if they manage to a get to high percentage on your base, they will then have to make their pirates swim all the way across your base to take out that hut in the corner and the. Again with the other hut (s) in the other corners, which wastes their time and most likely will stop them from 3 starring your base. If they do however notice your huts they will most likely decide to place a single pirate just to prevent the previos from happening, but still, this will end up making their forces a few pirates less and still benifit you!

    I hope this helped to you new plunderers! If it did make sure to like the post to show your appreciation!

    -White Wyvern
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  2. ChrisJTillman

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    Looks good ;)
  3. Thanks!
  4. Storages should probably be a higher priority since you can't upgrade anything without the appropriate space to store all that loot.
  5. True i was gonna double check in-game but it was under Maintanance so this section isnt amazingly accurate, I will re-arrange now. Thanks for the suggestions ;)
  6. It seems like we don't actually lose any resources when attacked, is that true? I've only had the game since Friday, so have only been attacked a few times (about 10 overall). So far, it looks like the resources available to attackers is not related to what I have in stock and that I don't actually lose them, but I was hoping someone could verify that.
  7. Admin [Midoki]

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    You do lose some, just not everything you have. That would be very harsh :)
  8. Great guide. I already follow about 90% of it on my own but it's nice seeing others with similar strategies... just wish gold and grog would come at faster rates so I can finally upgrade my ship, lol.
  9. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! And yeah, perhaps once leveled up theyll be allot more efficient
  10. Razor

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    Good guide ;)
  11. Wait, isn't Mortar Pirate Hall 3? I agree that should be first priority for reasons we all know, but might want to update the guide as Mortar is PH3. Cheers.
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    Good catch!
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    Good guide for beginners like me! I managed to figure some stuff out for myself but this definatley gave me some more info. Thanks!
  15. Oops, got a bit riddled there, thanks for the find!
  16. ll DarkZero ll

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    I've been working on an extensive in-depth FAQ for Pirate Halls 1-3 and just wanted to give a heads-up credit to Wyvern, I threw in some of your ideas. Since there's also no Wiki, this can more than double for it. I hope to have it out in a couple of days, you all won't be disappointed (It's 23 pages long so far :D). PIRATE LIFE FOR ME!!!
  17. ChrisJTillman

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    I'm excited to see!

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