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Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Captain Hakjka, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Captain Hakjka

    Captain Hakjka First Mate

    Hi all

    Well I have held back from going straight to PH9 for a few reasons:
    - main reason I went on holiday - well even a pirate comes to shore occasionally to spend the loot.
    - I still need to max walls
    - I still need to max jugs (one training left) and HG ( 5 training left)
    - I didn't want to run out of content within a week again (apart from walls and academy yawn)
    - I wondered if it would be a disadvantage for:
    a) Farming loot with the scale that Midoki implemented for reduced loot when hitting lower PH levels
    b) Rumbles - that I would get even less BP offered on rumble attacks.

    So PH9 pirates - let me know;
    1) do you wish you had stayed a PH8 or
    2) is PH9 living the dream!!

    SWOT analysis accepted in replys hehe
  2. If I wasn't maxxed for PH8 (walls included) I would've waited for sure.

    At PH9, my BP when battling PH8 islands has been nerfed so I feel like I am at more of a disadvantage rumbling now. I'm not positive if this is the case, but it also seems like a higher percentage of my loot is available to be looted now too.

    I haven't paid much attention to how much I could farm from lower levels compared to before I updated so maybe someone else has noticed that? But it is likely reduced too as that seems to be how it has worked in the past.
  3. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    PH9 is only worth the upgrade if you have finished all ph8 stuff at the moment, in my personal opinion. Since you can only fight PH8+ without rumble matchups, it is significantly harder both to find loot and to beat a base with a cheap army.

    You can 3* most PH7 with 10 brutes 25 gunners for 71k~ grog, at ph8, and guarantee stores and collectors on virtually any ph7. At ph9, you're going to be lucky to get more than collectors and 2 stores with any army cheaper than 200k grog from a ph8 base.

    Those 4 mill grog upgrades for hg and jugg are going to be a lot more difficult when you're only getting half as much grog per battle.
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  4. captaintau

    captaintau Crew

    I went to PH9 as soon as I could. I gemmed a little, I confess. I was entirely maxed out aside from some training.

    I don't regret it as it's opened up a lot of material and it'll keep me stimulated. I'd been holding onto 7+M gold for weeks and was a target. I was getting attacked several times a day. I don't have the time to continually change my island to try out new defence strategies. So I'm happy spending it all.

    The downside is that I do indeed feel disadvantaged now. Loot is harder to come by, battles are harder, when I get attacked it's always by huge and obviously well upgraded armies.

    We make our choices and run with the outcome. My playing of PP has changed radically over the past few weeks. Leaving the sanctity of my old and long-term guild was part of this (and British Bulldogs is an AWESOME guild.) The upgrade coming shortly after was another aspect. I'm finding it much more challenging now in several ways.
  5. Captain Hakjka

    Captain Hakjka First Mate

    Thanks @*Cap'n Sparkle* , @Skye , @captaintau - so far, I think keeping at PH8 is the best for me, to secure Rumble wins and keep upgrading,

    Off thread comment: if midoki introduce some more PH levels fast then they may have cracked the content issue with the rules and rumbles they have introduced over the past months. Players may slow down PH upgrades to secure rumble wins.
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