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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NinjaNurse, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Oak Island

    Oak Island First Mate

    I haven’t had the issue you’re speaking of for dropping rank, and I have had hundreds of people drop rank against me without dropping any pirates? I have been able to find quite a bit of loot in the 200-400 PR range, so you definitely don’t need to drop to 1. I have all of my pirates and builders going all the time pretty much, just hang around the 200-400 ranks and it’s pretty easy. I’ve also been noticing that my BP storage is going up faster than I thought. During the week while my defenses are upgrading, I’m able to save up at least as much if not more than I spent. That’s between battling some, video ads, and errands. I have even upgraded 3 LPs since the last update and I am still able to recover the BP fairly quickly. I rarely streak cuz I don’t always have the time so this is me just battling here and there throughout the day. I honestly don’t think the map islands should respawn, it would make upgrades for pirates and buildings way too easy. The map islands are a nice little bank to keep on the side if you ever need loot in a bind. I also have been saving them for future needs. What I think this game needs most is new content all the way around. New events, new gameplay of some kind, new defenses and pirates. It’s pretty lame when you climb high in rank and every island you see is the same variation. Hardly any unique layouts anymore. We need something to shake the pirate world a bit, throw everyone off the deep end so to speak. For example, how fun and cool would it be to clear out all the current pirates and replace them with totally new pirates with different buffs and abilities. No one would know what crew to use or how they should be utilized. Of course they would have to start out pretty strong to beat current PH lvls but it would still be a game changer. This game has literally been the same thing over n over for years now, I still like it, but we could really use something actually “new” not just a paint job.


  2. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Challenge accepted! I’ve made an island design like no other! :)
  3. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    @Sea Patriot if I drop rank i never deploy troops. I just hit next till I find a good drop worth taking a loss for. It can be a chore to stay low but normally I go low when I need to, get what I need and resume normal attacking. I would rather stay higher and never drop but I don’t see the point in spending 15-17 gems per attack or waiting an hour for peanuts in loot. These last two upgrades back to back has made it super difficult to find those juicy bases. Most bases are 300-500k loot all over the place. Not worth hitting attack for me if I’m going all in for three stars. Farming those 450-475k abandoned mines and distilleries is boring and takes to long. I can only handle so long of dropping four gunners, quit , and repeat lol. If I see 1-2m gng I’m going all in :)
  4. Oak Island

    Oak Island First Mate

    Haha awesome! I’m gonna come look for you @Sea Patriot - can’t wait to see the sweet new design!
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  5. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    @Oak Island @Intimidator its wierd, quite often while dropping rank if I don’t drop at least one pirate, I’ll either get +0 or +1 rank after force quitting the battle. I thought Midoki penalizes is for dropping rank. Maybe some sort of silly glitch. I should taken the red pill.

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