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Discussion in 'Guild Improvements' started by Havoc Incarnate, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. I like the prefund idea
    Last night I was sitting on 10 mil in grog and absolutely nothing to spend it on but have to keep looting to finish upgrading walls
    Would love to have funded an entire perk. Use it for the guild and not just let someone steal it. I'm.not one to ever gem a shield.
  2. MorganFlint

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    In addition to the other negatives pointed out, another problem would occur if someone can't afford their auto-donation. Maybe they spent down all their gold and/or grog before logging off. I notice active guilds rarely have a problem funding perks, and they do eventually rotate around the clock...especially the Stonemason -- while less active / smaller guilds have more trouble funding. As much as some prefer a smaller guild, the game is designed to have a collaborative aspect.
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  3. On a good note
    Got a new banner!!
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  4. Scarlet Fever

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    Cool new banner there @Havoc Incarnate . As suggested by @Sibeto maybe a system where you can allocate some amount of resource for an up and coming perk, so the player decided how much and if they want to donate. The perk building itself could potentially act as a store. The current structure for funding perks does seem to work well for active guilds, with the shifting funding time, shares out the load.
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  5. Sea Patriot

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  6. Sea Patriot

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    What would one suggest to do with players who rarely contribute to perks, rumbles and GS donations?

    I’m glad to have their company but would like more help, they have the perks, but rarely see them contribute, and it would be very beneficial.

    Should I demote them? Being that they don’t respond to chat messages, I’m not sure if a demotion would even make them budge.

    Very Respectfully,
    Sea Patriot

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