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Discussion in 'Guild Improvements' started by Havoc Incarnate, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. After being in many guilds and being a major founder of perks, an idea came to me. There are way to many free loaders and also the perk funding can be flawed since time zone diferences. If your constantly up at certain time you "get stuck" funding the same things. Or the opposite can be true. If your normally sleep when certain perks come up your never responsible to fund.

    My thought on improving this is simple. Once you join a guild all the perk funding is automatically taken out. Like paying dues. Everyone gets an equal share. That would eliminate isle that always log off right when perks come due. Those on vacation or whatever still contribute. This would also help smaller guilds who have less players.

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    Great idea! :)

    And if not enough players are online the perks don't work, like the pirate catcher, which is VERY important and the blacksmith and training ground.

    There are many players which never(can) donate...because they are not in the game at the time when perks needs founding...
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  3. Right, it's kinda flawed that way
  4. I do not think a auto deduction for perks is the way to go - if your guild shrinks then perks cost more as fewer people to contribute- how do you adjust for different levels of perks themselves - you cannot ask a level 1 perk to contribute as much as a maxed perk
    what happens if someone does not have enough resources to pay for the perk - or has not built the perk on there island yet as they are not a high enough PH level ( ie the training ground)

    The system as it works for me - if you feel that you are over contributing then dont fund someone in the guild will step up and fund. It also will give the opportunity for someone else to fund a perk, that maybe is willing but has not had the opportunity to do so. I am a PH 11 and now heavily fund perks for my guild.
    When i was a lower PH trying to upgrade I often did not fund but my guild mates funded the perks so those coming up could have the resources to upgrade.
    If i choose not to fund something as i am trying to upgrade a legendary - my guildmates pick up the slack - so the guild goes an hour or two with out the perk- most of the time this does not impact game play.
  5. Very good point
    My idea involved dues based on PH lvl and maybe even time online. Would eliminate waiting for someone to be online to fund something like PC when u want to farm. If u were short the required dues it could be a neg amount for u to make up. On real life pirate ships everyone pitched in. No free rides. U didn't DECIDE to help or not, u just did.
    This maybe would encourage more game play so u don't get in negatives. Just brainstorming here.
  6. Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever First Mate

    The problem with an automated system for perks is that not all players have all the perks e.g. the training ground isn't available until ph8. Also when a player is saving a particular resource to have it taken away while they're potentially not online seems incredibly unfair. It wouldn't encourage me to play.
  7. The dues would increase as the player added the new perk. and payment could be once a day like it is now, so it would not only be expected but a natural part of the guild. It would work kinda the opposite of the new rewards program they have now, when u log in each day it's a new reward. The main thing to consider is the amounts wouldn't be that great if u had a full guild. Think about what it costs now, divide that up into 50 pieces and each day's total for each player wouldn't be that huge.
  8. So let's take a full guild of 50 players. Each players dues would be taken out each a portion of gold, grog, ep and bp. This would fund all perks for that guild. They could make them reasonable for each individual player. Based off of PH lol if that works. Maybe take the Total of all PH levels like guild totals. Set a base a out for that number. And divide it all up according to PH lol and amount of perks u currently have. I'm not even close to being a programmer but sounds like something that could work.
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  9. this idea would drive me out of a guild and slow my game play.

    The system as it stands now works for me.
    Please realize not all guilds are 50 members strong for a variety of reasons. The current system lets people who can afford to fund perks to fund them, lets guilds decide not to fund a perk if that is the guilds desire, And if you feel that others are not funding a perk - then don't fund it and see if these guild members that you are calling freeloaders contribute and keep them funded.

    I hope that this is not put into the game.
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  10. It would never work for a few reasons, so many players, including me, jump around too much. I just noticed after spending a week with one guild during the sailing event that me being online at a certain time every night the same perks came up and I funded every time. And as Captain of a guild I saw so many of the same players funding everyday while others never did. And u can't really call them freeloaders since they never got a chance to fund. Time zones and world wide game and all. It just seems flawed since u eith r fund it and move on or wait half a day for others in dif time zones to do it. Reality is u will just fund it. Just feels like your penalized for being online longer.
    I realize there r prolly many flaws with my theory but I feel there r also many in the current set up. I'm a good crew member (when not being Captain) and can't let perks go unfunded. When I am Cap it's worse cause I fund more so my crew doesn't have to. Just takes a toll on resources. With the more constant mobility of players, loyalty to just one guild Deminishes.
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  11. I do appreciate the comments and feedback though. Just a random thought I had. I don't expect any changes to be made and will continue to always fund perks.
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    Wow! I was thinking the exact same thing. That's a great idea, kinda like a small percentage of your earnings would be taxed and go direct to the perks. I'm not sure how it would work though.
    Have you tried bringing your idea to the support desk? I sent them an idea of mine and they gave me feed back as well.
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  13. Just thinking out loud is all. started as just an observation, lol..not sure I really have anything worth anything.
  14. Scarlet Fever

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    Thinking about your idea of perk funding @Havoc Incarnate ...maybe a weekend of free perks and free to start rumbles could be fun:)

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    ...and the fast recruitment for our troops at the same time:D!!!!
  16. Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever First Mate

    now that does sound fun:)
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  17. Sibeto

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    I skim read this post, so my apologies.
    The great thing about an idea is that it can be tweaked by another. I think you are partially onto something. I think that a pre fund box of some sorts is a great idea, manually donated though. So for e.g. manually donated was 80% for the Blacksmith, so as soon as it finished cooldown , members top up the final 20%. Please remember for some perks a single person can donate 50% and others 25% at maximum. So those asleep may have donated to this "pre fund box" which helps all members involved. If Midoki chooses to, make this a building ? The more you upgrade the more you can donate % but still have previous max caps remain.
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  18. Dog Breath

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    I would like to have the ability to pre pay perks before the funding balloon appears. Often I logging off and there will be a perk coming up for funding in a few hours
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    And i would like to get a NOTICE or WARNING 5-10 min(example) before perks goes into cooldown...

    For example: IT's not fun when you come back from a fight(in a rumble), make troops right away and then you see you have to wait 2 hours:mad:, because the pirate catcher needs founding...:confused:...not everybody want use gems/has gems
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  20. Barbe Rose

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    At DnD we have someone in charge of letting us know when perks are about to go down. He’s an old rusty one legged, hook handed, eye-patched no good ruffian that we tolerate only for that sole purpose. So he used to scream desperately when perks needed funding. But nowadays nobody can hear him anymore, our Spanish Quartermaster (Fer4vol) cut of his tongue because he kept waking him in the middle of his “siesta” … guess some things are sacred. :eek:

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