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  1. acersharp1

    acersharp1 Crew

    @Lynsey [Midoki]
    Hello Lynsey,
    I'm curious why Midoki doesn't allow for purchase of outfits on the weekly trade ships? Now that we need to collect 50-60 repeats per outfit, it would be nice if the weekly trade ship brought them and we could purcahase them for gold/grog/gems etc. (same price as always or increased price based on the level that you need).

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    WOLLIMAUS First Mate

    ph 12's trade ship is soooooo boring.... it also doesn't bring new outfits since months... i have not all yet 73/120 :p
    Why does the ship even come every Friday when there is nothing to purchase on it?

    And for some unknown reason ph 10's trade ship too.... i have all the LP's, since many weeks/months not one new outfit on it what i could buy :( and i really have not all of them yet and funny thing is: 73/120 here too :confused:

    Whole time only lvl up outfits in the chests... no new outfits in them too.
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  3. acersharp1

    acersharp1 Crew

    And I didn't mean that we can buy the same one 10 times (just in case I wasn't clear), just once for the week when it shows up. Same as before - in order to add to level up of each outfit
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  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    We're looking into this.
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  5. acersharp1

    acersharp1 Crew

    Thanks for the reply @Lynsey [Midoki] . Is this something that can be addressed quickly, or does it require major coding? Either way, it would be pretty cool to set up.

  6. I quite like the surprise the outfits are bringing with the buffs percentages and the mysteries to follow as we gradually get to the higher levels. Makes me wonder what returns we will receive with duplicates once all are maxed level. There is tons to do to keep us all busy

    WOLLIMAUS First Mate

    yes.... more level ups :p

    but no new content in sight :(
  8. acersharp1

    acersharp1 Crew

    I can't recall the post, but I do recall Midoki (@Chris [Midoki] or @Lynsey [Midoki] ) stating that there would be new buildings/LPs. Does anyone know where that comment is?

    WOLLIMAUS First Mate

    I remember that too and can’t find it. I am sure she said that with the new update comes also new LP and new stuff...
    Who can find this comment? If it isn’t edited later o_O and deleted one or two words ;)

    I thought it is in thread Update on the Update, but no... it should have been after my comment when i asked for new pc level, longer ship range and so on... either i can’t find in thread bug fixes...
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